Les chiens juifs ont volé tous mes RIB postaux. Saleté de race. L’Empire Invisible c’est l’Empire Juif. L’empire des chiens. Race de bâtards.

Je suis entrain de constituer un dossier financier et on m’a  demandé mes trois derniers RIB. Je les cherche et oh surprise, je n’en vois aucun, ni ceux de mes Continue Reading →

Berlin Wall’s festivities : Iron Frau Merkel’s Rhapsody and Hypocrisy. THE NABUCCO’S PROJECT.

Zionism and neo-Nazism. The process of continuity  is not in dispute. Anchored on a racist supremacist code,  either Aryen or the « elected people », the two ideologies’ stream are criminality and Continue Reading →

Putin is certainly the best thing that has happened to Russia those latest 25 years. And today to Crimea. And to the World ?

The 27th February 2012, I wrote an article with the same title – See here – Reviving this title today, word for word is kind of wonderment. As the moment Continue Reading →

Malaysian horrific air crash. Finally, the truth lies with Kiev government which may well be behind all this morbid scenario.

As families are starting mourning their loves ones, so is another time of crisis, the emotional one, opening. Yes, we all condemn the crash as an horrific act of terror Continue Reading →