Georgia by Ray Charles. Hello New York City ! Boom Boom. Wake up overthere upon the Corrupt Politicized Legal System.

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« This will likely make you very angry »

Mayor Bill de Blasio info


Elise –

In just a moment, I am going to ask you to make a donation to Stacey Abrams’ campaign for Governor of Georgia. This is important. Especially today. I hope you’ll give me a chance to explain why.

Stacey Abrams is running a historic campaign. Not only is she trying to become the first African-American woman elected governor in the history of this country, but she is campaigning on an unabashed progressive message in the Deep South.

And she can win. Polls show her neck and neck. Down just two points.

So Republicans — led by Abrams’ opponent, the current Secretary of State — put forward a plan to close polling places in primarily African-American districts ahead of the election. It’s a shameful display of race-based voter suppression.

So Stacey needs our help. Because she can’t fight back alone:

Can you make a $3 donation to Stacey Abrams’ campaign today? Your support will not only help her win her election, but it will send a message to national Republicans there is a price to pay for race-based voter suppression.

A victory for Stacey Abrams would send shockwaves through the country. We can prove, in this race, that running on a progressive agenda is the path to victory everywhere. And we can make history while doing it.

That is why your support matters so much.

All my best,

Bill de Blasio


Georgia Listen


PS. Naturally it is a Hoax a Fake attention using Georgia as an Illusion. See the roadmap of Aladin magical flying carpet.

Remember also that thriller laugh beyond the tomb : Ah Ah Ah. Hello Michael.

The New normalcy consists on acting in band to suck into personal life as a poor mean of doing public business, throwing dirtiness on people on behalf of the Mc Cain boysband : Dems. Surprise ? The mirror is a broken one.

What a lying crew. Ah Ah Ah.

Where is Mc Cain. He was not God ; just a criminal human Actor and the likes of him behind the assassination of Gaddafi.

They came they saw and he dead.

Who is next on the side of those walking free criminals post Hitlerien figures ?

Poor people. Poor hell of bandits.

Being a Senator can not serve as a shelter for unpunished crimes. It is beyond shame. And they use Ray Charles for the dirty business, always behind Black as. Can’t help.

Follow my latest video on facebook. There is a race of criminals out there, a gang of hell monitoring the bitch system the World is in since they came into power using crocodile tears.

In the beginning they were saying « please save me I have no place to go ». Now it is another song they are hunting you, the landowners. Their trophy lies into their satanic ability in setting people into slavery.

Those slaves are useful channels to hide themselves as they have slim b… to show up without sneaking and worming.

The world leadership is Fake entirely. Naturally Im talking about the so called International Community representing themselves and nobody else.

Oh Kofi Anan and Mc Cain were belonging to the same board. Slave and Master vultures.

When you see Groupama writing to you know that you are in trouble. More of the same McCain band.

Now tell me how is it people with money and most beautiful women on earth, young and healthy are so much concern into private and personal life of big, old, poor and ugly woman, black and so on ?

How is it those so wealthy people can not go without sending me stupid letters while Im sending none neither asking any contact ?

How is it those pretending board are outside there to copy and paste everything I do, say, wear , buy, write or visit ?

How is it the collection always bear the same signature : landless people. Errand gangsters ? And guess what their solely concern is to make everything they can to steal my personal belongings and to obstruct any road by which I can make or have money.

…Meanhile some of those mean people are African presidents advisors.

Fakeness and Usurpation never lie. A bitch remains a bitch. Helpless.

Instead of writing to me, they should respond in their outlets not attacking on the back….

Fakeness, usurpation walk with cowardice and wickedness.


A century of Hell, the 20th century was because of president Trump. Naturally.

Broken mirror.

South Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, 2008 financial crisis, Syria, Lybia, Arab Spring, Venezuela, Priests pedophilia, Iran, Ukraine, Russia destabilization, North Korea, Angola, Tchad, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Boko Haram, al Qaeda, .. Central Africa, Mali, and Cameroon (South West and North)…All this is because of President Trump.



Trump Pence Make America Great Again


What’s truly important


The media loves to attack our Administration. But they forget that our Administration impacts REAL PEOPLE’S LIVES!

The American people don’t care about the fake Witch Hunt.

You care about jobs.

You care about your savings.

You care about healthcare.

You care about illegal immigration and THE WALL.

You care about justice for Americans.

Elise, I hear you even if Washington and the media don’t. That is my promise to you.

Now I need your help CRUSHING our end-of-month goal for August. Please make a contribution of $42 before the Friday deadline.

Thank you,

President Trump
Donald J. Trump
President of the United States



Bernie Sanders


I am writing to tell you that last night was an extraordinary and historic night for our political revolution.

In Florida, Andrew Gillum took on virtually the entire political and financial establishment of the state. No one thought he had a chance — not just at the start of the campaign, but as recently as a few weeks ago. But while his opponents had the money, Andrew had the people. He ran a grassroots campaign that forcefully spoke directly to the needs of working families, and last night Andrew won.

You are going to love Andrew Gillum. When I traveled to Florida to campaign for him recently, I left full of hope for progressives in that state. And he did not let us down.

Andrew has never backed down from a fight. And that includes beating the NRA and standing up against xenophobic politicians. He campaigned on ideas like Medicare for all, raising the minimum wage, investments in sustainable energy, and making sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share. He will be a governor who represents all the people, and not just the 1 percent.

The truth is, everywhere progressives are running, progressives are winning. It was not just Andrew Gillum who won last night, but both progressive candidates we endorsed in competitive state legislative primaries won as well. We are transforming the Democratic Party — like we saw last weekend when the DNC voted overwhelmingly to eliminate superdelegate votes in the presidential nominating process — and we are transforming the nation.

That is the political revolution.

Election Day is right around the corner, and Andrew Gillum starts at a financial disadvantage once again. So it’s important we stand with him today, especially when he spent almost everything he raised to win a primary against two well-financed opponents. So I have to ask:

Can you split a very important $3 donation between Andrew Gillum’s campaign and my work supporting and rallying for progressive candidates like Andrew all across the country? He needs our help. I would not ask if it wasn’t so important.

Andrew is running against Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis, who has the unwavering support of President Trump and admires him so much that he ran television ads showing his kids “building the wall” with toy blocks and giving another one of his children a “Make America Great Again” onesie.

That was the ad, and essentially his entire campaign was showing Republican primary voters how much he loves Trump and will fight for his agenda.

So for that reason alone, it is critical that we beat Ron DeSantis in this race.

But it is just as important that we send an unmistakable message that the way to beat Donald Trump and his agenda in places like Florida is by running on progressive policies and electing candidates who will represent all of us, and not just the billionaire class.

Andrew needs our help to get it done. I hope that you will support him.

Make a $3 donation to Andrew Gillum’s campaign today:

Last night was a tremendous night for our political revolution. But winning primaries is not enough. We have to win in November as well.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


Media & War: Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity 2018 Conference

Under the corrupt politicized legal system in which we live, everyone is guilty of some crime.

The Ron Paul Institute.

The popularity of socialism is propaganda promoted by the mass media, he said.



Big money versus Elizabeth

Hello my Sister Pocahontas

Elizabeth Warren for Senate 2018
Big money doesn’t just talk in Washington: it screams.

And it’s grabbed our political system by the throat. For decades now, big corporations realized that spending millions on lobbyists and campaign donations could get a huge return on their investment: a massive tax break here, a more lenient regulation there.

Those giant corporations could literally buy influence in Washington – to make themselves richer while working families get left behind.

That’s why Elizabeth isn’t taking ANY PAC or lobbyist money for our 2018 re-election campaign. She’s proud to be “the best senator money can’t buy.”

Your grassroots support – and the support of this grassroots army – keeps Elizabeth in the fight to stand up to the rich and powerful and level the playing field for working families. Will you pitch in $3, or whatever you can afford, right now to help us reach our end-of-month goal of $25,000 and help keep Elizabeth fighting in the Senate for all of us?



With just 68 days to go until Election Day, shady campaign money from billionaires and giant corporations is flooding into states all across the country.

And while many politicians choose to cozy up to big corporations and become their legislative puppets, Elizabeth isn’t afraid to stand up to them and call them out.

She would rather have a million small donations from a grassroots army of people who believe in being a part of this fight than a giant check from the big banks on Wall Street, or Big Oil, or Big Pharma, or any of the powerful interests.

But for those guys, anyone who fights to un-rig the system is a threat to their profits and their bottom line. That’s why Elizabeth makes so many powerful people squirm.

We can’t let the people who hire armies of lawyers and lobbyists call the shots in Washington. We must must take back the House and Senate so we can get Washington working for the people again – and not just their rich and powerful donors.

Elizabeth is fighting her heart out to elect a Democratic House and Senate that will fight back – but she can’t do it alone. Pitch in for the first time to help us meet our monthly goal of $25,000 and keep our campaign going strong. Let’s stand up for democracy – and show the big banks and billionaire big shots the strength and power of people all across the country.


Team Warren

At the end of the day yesterday, my daughter boyfriend came back home with a small plastic bag promoting an event of beauty in…. New York. Just randomly, the very day I was talking about NYC.

This father of my grandson – see the link with Fla shooting, the very day I wrote to an insurance company I will be back Home soon, which by the way is scarrying to some hidden people in America, the people behind mass shootings and among the NRA supporters, …

This father is the bodyguard of a Hihgly Jewish Elite in France.

As such his life is under balance for some reasons…

That is how the NYC promotional bag landed at home where I m in transit.

In their World Worming is the second job after massive propaganda.

Worming is parasitism.

Worming is blood sucking.

Worming is venom sprewing.

Dont say McWorld anymore, but BillWorld. It is no longer about McWorld vs Jihad, for a simple reason, Jihad is a creature by McWorld. Both were brothers-in-law under the corrupt politicized legal system.

It was a stage of characters : the good and the evil.

Bill is Big Money. BillWorld is a terrorist machine.

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