Gun violence. Offer a rose to your love ones.

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« I believe in Love. I believe in babies ». (Don Williams) –  May gun violence be our BABY.

Listen at the Rose by Don Williams. Youtube and take action.

Read the lyrics Here.

Far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed
That with the sun’s love
In the spring
Becomes the rose


And think about Senator Bob Menendez message calling you to Take action to stop gun violence.

Will you come along to avoid more of this ?

Is the Hill waiting for the Doomsday ? Or preparing for the Apocalypse ? WorldClass Pictures.

Menendez For Senate

Tell Congress: Take action to stop gun violence! Add your name!Elise,

It is unconscionable. Every day in America, 89 people die from gun violence.

The only thing more senseless than the horrifying gun violence epidemic in this country is the fact that Congress has done absolutely nothing to stop it.

With every mass shooting, we take to the Senate floor to offer our thoughts and prayers to the victims’ loved ones – but the victims of gun violence deserve more than our prayers. They deserve real action to stop this kind of violence from claiming more lives – and they need it now, before the next massacre.

That’s why I’ve supported a ban on assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines like the ones used time and time again in mass shootings. I also have called for stronger and expanded background checks, especially at gun shows and on the internet. I will continue to champion and fight for commonsense, lifesaving gun safety legislation.

Join me today to demand that Congress pass meaningful gun safety reform! We can – and we must – take action.

Add your name: Tell Congress to stop gun violence!

Ninety percent of the American public supports commonsense gun safety measures. Nevertheless, Republicans in Congress continue to put NRA extremists before the safety of everyday Americans and refuse to do anything to stop another mass shooting tragedy.

It’s simply outrageous! We owe it to the victims of gun violence to make sure these heartbreaking tragedies never happen again.

Please, stand with me today to call on Congress to pass meaningful gun safety reform.

Thank you,


How many people should die to convince the pro-guns to say farewell to Guns ? Picture WorldClass. The Memorial of the Pentagone.

Due to some miracle, only techs’ rats know about, this article was/is not appearing on the front page here. Sabotage is underway. The chief specialists of fearspreadings and activists’ silencing are destabilised and panicking, while cheating passwords to enter your website to cause some dysfonctionings. If you think you are a man only when you can reach out to other people businesses to sabotage it, then I may say you are something like an underdog.

Web security is missing dangerously and favoring the propagation of bandits on the web. But don’t speak, just let the bandits walking free to do the maximum harm and damage they can.

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