From Mauldin-Greenville to Atlanta. A short traveling.

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Coïncidentally, this video has been made yesterday night – time of Paris – and was due to be posted immediately. But, things don’t always go the way we think they should. It looks like we had to wait the coincidental « Shrine » nearby temple bombing somewhere in the World – for instance in Bangkok – to be right on time.

This is a preview of what comes next : a brief compact tour in America.

Enjoy and keep cool !

Pictures from Mauldin are on the way to the Sunset Park. At Mauldin, you got a superb Green ruled by a « Shrine » associ ation. I’ve been told that « Shrine » is the ancestor of the Freemason.

The picture from inside the car is at Greenville, in the Christmas season.

Then you got that beautiful city I really loved shooting : ATLANTA. You will easily recognize the site of Martin Luther King memorial and the WCGC (World Conference Georgia Center). Nearby, you got the new Arena like stadium construction site.

Music from Shaggy. Keep ‘n it Real.


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