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Remember, prefer the tight road to the flawed highways.

So Athens has defaulted towards the IMF. The announced Earthquake didn’t happen. The World is calm, eventhough for Greek people, a new phase of living has started.

They have the choice : they can either succumb under the threats of the Eurozone’s fire or stand firm like Germany did during 10 years of reunification from which Germany regained power and came out even stronger than before.

There is a problem saying this : people today are no longer educated to look further than their nose and their belly to fill. Development and Democracy were supposed to be granted, where as, they are not. Each nation is finding itself dependent of an organisation sold to them as a space of freedom. Those nations, such as Russia under assets frozen (since the beginning of Ukrainian crisis) or Greece right now, or Syria and Lybia yesterday, are learning the hard way. Contrary to the appearance, this is the road for Healing.

Apparently, a church has been set on fire in South Carolina to emit threats once again ; [why such a fixation on SC ? Lok at me, and you’ll have the answer ]

America is playing with the fire of domestic terrorism, including net security, not naming it as such and letting it go unpunished and free.

It is up to the people ; the time for choice and change is now. China has moved to secure the Web ; an absolutely  necessity.

Greece is at the crossroads : the country can seize the occasion to relaunch Democracy. After all, Democracy was born there and the rest of the World defaulted the idea and had entered the business as usual formula which is for sure, the road to nowhere. An Impasse of greed, corruption and undergrounds malfaisance.

The Bible says, the road for durable success or victory is tricky, not large. This road is also drawn by light not by darkness.

By reshaping the economic fundamentals and processes, at the end of the day, a new human being will born, because economy has a great influence on our behaviors, set of values and beliefs.

For instance, this economy has brought gay marriage in the forefront of nations concerns. And, eventhough the US Supreme Court has ruled in their favor, propaganda is still operative. When you are gays, you naturally are pro-europeans, and for the « yes vote » in the referendum to come – should it be going on and it is. European economy is the epicenter of gay marriage. Are the bankists gays ? I don’t know and it is not even my problem to know that. This is their private life and I respect that. I’m not a thief and I was grown up not to look insde the neighbor home and businesses.

Ukrainian separation and civil war originate in the attempt to impose gay marriage to the nation. Not surprising the pro-Russian part of the nation opposed the EU brutal proposal.

Now, churches are burning, because Christians – at least most of them – are against bankists and economists gay marriage business. Not a coincidence, gay marriage is coming with anti-religion and Christianity rejection

In the hand of bankists, Democracy has morphed into a regime of global threat. Think about president JFK. Think about Martin Luther King, murdered for speaking against the System. Think about Eastern Ukrainians murdered for the same reasons. Think about the fueled Arabic Spring, think about Benghazi boys, think about Syrian rebels, think about Saddam’s Opponents unable to lead Iraq out of the woods, think about Sudan’s secession organised, think about the genesis of Al-qaeda Hillary (*) confessed « We, the CIA, created them », think about al-Qaeda affiliates (Boko Haram, al-shabbab and Daesh or Isil and the Calliphate project underway), think about the renewal of Saudi Arabia colonisation in Yemen, think about the masterpiece staged by Israel inside the Palestinian territories where Palestinians are half breathing, think about the 2008 « too-big-to-fail » financial monsters and their rating companies who went unpunished and are still parading and dictating to Greece.

(*) This is not a negative sign for Hillary. Just fact everybody knows. I’m not a professional of information manipulation.

Greece can be the craddle of the relaunching of Democracy. It is up to them to chose a Grandiose future or a underdog’s one. After all, the referendum is there to say only that.

General de Gaulle, one of the EU father founders legacy is about this tirade « don’t just say Europe, Europe, Europe like a goat jumping upside down on your desk ». It translates, be Real, forward looking and in the offensive. Is Eurozone and the EU good for you, then OK. Are you ready to face Dire Austerity for that, meaning does the fiancee or the wife worth the price or the sacrifice ? Who is going to be the winner in last resort ?

I wish gook luck to Greek people, Greece and  its leaders. You know what, this Greek  leadership is strong and had already do something exceptional capable to rethink the financial system as a whole. That is why this first step is a blessing in disguise. In fact it is Huge.




Apparently, Greek PM has agreed to sign the bailout and has sent a letter for that purpose. Which means, no more referendum.  The EU’s body will always panick, when people are asked to say their word in World affairs considered as their exclusive domain.

This EU is grounded on the sand.

The UK referendum will say.

Contrary to Greece, UK is not weak or dependent on the eurozone regime. The UK’s decision will be an excellent barometer. So, wait and see. It is just a matter of time.

The question is how long is the System, full of flaws, going to last ? How long the threats are going to work for the System ? How long democracy will be locked out from the EU’s statutes and mandates ? How long economic dependancy will hold tight ?

… ♦

It is time for Greece to say no to murderous austerity of its creditors. (Eurasianews)

Excerpt. « We should be clear, almost none of the huge amount of money loaned to Greece has actually gone there. It has gone to pay out private-sector creditors – including German and French banks. Greek has gotten but a pittance, but it has paid a high price to preserve these countries ‘banking systems’. the IMF and the other ‘official’ creditors do not need the money that is being demanded. Under a business-as-usual scenario, the money received would most likely just be lent out again to Greece’. (Joseph Stiglitz cited by Andy Worthington, the author of the article (*).

This is utterly vomitting. People are not well informed and when an occasion is given to them to do so, the cheaters opposed the move. You clearly understand why. See also what we wrote yesterday over French bailout of banks ‘too-big-to-fail’ (World class label). French banks have a particularity. Since the establishment of the eurozone, they are no longer lending money to the real economy standing still or getting worse. They have specialized themselves into State lending, something more lucrative and a lazy job anyone can do and earn a lot out of this, sitting behind the desk and chanting – in great joy, loud and clear  : ‘EUROPE EUROPE EUROPE’.

De Gaule was a visionary.

That is why you got another french zero nominated as an european economist commissionary; through a process of false suspense : Germany opposed the nomination first, brushing off the nomination citing full incompetence for the man, fresh from his ministry of economy failure, just to embrace the nothingness and to install him in his EU commissionary seat. Birds of the same feathers always flock together.


In France, at 55, people are thinking about their retirement. In the meantime, some presidential candidates in America have 62 years. Presidents Clinton and Carter are intensively active… Tell me how a society that considers 50 years is an age of retirement can move forward. With life expectancy going up to 88-100 years, if you retired at 50-55, what are you going to do the rest of your life ? Gardening or web hacking ? May be terrorism to occupy your empty days.

Ask Clint Eastwood for advice and Sophia Loren I forgot to mention in my playlist of most beautiful actress ever. I love you Dame Sophia, whereever you are. You were one of my models.


(*) Intellectual property gags and gadgets.

Since I wrote « capitalize on » was a, our starting point, property, all the cronies are allied as usual to fire back. So I received a text from advising me a reading from a Baltimore Research Center looking like an ad for bookselling, comprising the formula.That was yesterday, after I dare mentionned UK as a nation of social classes and glass ceilings.

You know the business-as-usual, if you say something different from the choir, brace for the heat. I thought Oilprice different from Murdock NOW (News of the World) Skynews and the BBC. I was wrong. Birds of the same feathers, etc..

The thing is simple, if you don’t like me or can’t stand me, just stop the relationship. It is simple.

Then today, I went to read the SPPA I wrote a little something with an excerpt of the Bible they cited, and then I read this « No reproduction without the permission of SPPA citing intellectual property’. SPPA  or of the Bible ? To please them, I have suppressed the small thing from the site. Easy. One clic and hop. Me, caught in intellectual property theft ! I cough at that and the entire World with eyes can speak for me.

I can’t count the number of expressions or words circulating here and there, not that I invented them, but I revisited them and charged them with another strenght and power either of conviction or humor needly to say of communication. This gave them another dimension.

When I revisited « capitalize on it’, it goes back to 2012 or even 2010, I wiil check it. I awoke it. Since then, the term has encountered a huge success, just like the word huge I revisited recently.

That ‘capitalize on it’ can become a slogan of a TV, is a matter of intellectual property. Anyway, so far, everything here has been for free. It will not be the case for life. If the new normalcy is you create and I steal it, capitalize on it and YOU shut up for and if you voiced a claim, you’ll be laughed after by the thefts, time will  tell.

One thing is the circulation of words and language, another is standing on the sidelines waiting for somebody else to voice something interesting you will start capitalizing on it. By the way there is a code of elegance and decency which goes like this: you don’t use the words of a person you are opposing to look that intelligent. That very day, I title « Greek dilemma » and then the TV went on it titling after me : « Russian dilemma » to criticise Russia with word of somebody who is Russian-friendly. I wished you could see the rampant snakes job. So lazy. You share the same words inside a communion of spirits or in a positive way.

If you want to contradict, find your own words.

If Eurasianews consider excerpts mentioning their name as intellectual property theft, better not to send me the newsletter.

I acknowledge people have been brainwashed by political correctness and that is the challenge.

Even El Watan I’ve been citing those days is on  it, drawing some cartoons.

Apparently, the middle-way is the norm and everything must adjust to the fix. If not, you’ll be consider arrogant and invited by SPPA to humility. So forget about SPPA I’m sorry to have said a word about them. Sorry. Sorry. I swear not to do so again.

Same thing, hardly did I mentionned neighborhood incivilities consisting for some neighbors to avoid seating near their houses but near the house of the neighbor with her children. And when you are back home, you find them occupying the way. The park for children is closer, but they avoid it and seat just before your appartment. You say that, the next Sunday, the church of Saint-Etienne (France) will starred a mum and a young girl as a sign of defiance saying, if « you are  not happy, go back to your country », through france 2’s Day of Lord. The Church is racist and getting politics. Sure, religion today is low and dismissed for high pedophilia and I’m one of those who expressed dismay for that. Hence the little behavior.

Am I humble ? Certainly not, in front of these. No again to the hypocrites.

As for the ads, I’ve received this one wrote in plain letters ‘BYE, Spreadsheets’. following Obama’s invitation to join the OFA team for gun violence reduction. This is argumentation and debate. Asses.

So, when I talk to you about the system of threats, harrassments, criminality, cowardice, the RAT CULTRE, read these eurasianews articles above and make up your mind. You’ll see how things match.

I have bought an amazon tablet just to find myself under their ads I didn’t ask for. I thought the tablet was mine. Apparently, Amazon lent it to me and I paid it nearly 300 euros, times ago. It is scam. Some of their ads are provocative. This is not their tablet and the law should forbid that ultra sollicitation, especially when it turned provocative. You see how you got trapped by the rat culture. It is like the IP of your laptop. You thought you bought a computer, but it is not yours. The seller can sell your IP and open it to its cronies who are going to capitalize on it, insulting you and spying  nearly everything in there.

Last word, for the rats inside my home, I’m going to color my hair in brown chocolate those days. They already know it and have started to change the blonde coloration into this. I bought the coloration may be three months ago and put it aside. Those days, I picked it up and then…. Rats were already inside there. Not only you steal, but you rush out to perpetrate the cheating or the crime to claim the property of the initiative. Who benefits the crime ?

I like the American Home surveillance protocol, eventhough it is also porous to corruption. But, at least, the corrupt people must go to the surveillance private agency to get the images of you and your home. Which is something abominable but it is underway actually. I know that and can prove it. In Mauldin, it was clear and bright. Anyway, other categories of Rats can’t violate your home to install cameras, or rent a house in front of your flat with spotting scopes to follow your life, night and day.

This is a Global process working like a octopus. A Giant one including Churches firesetters.

History continues….

And indeed it is. Greece is holding the referendum finally. This would help Greek’s leadership to negotiate in a more comfortable position, having the backing of its people.

Remember : One terrorism can hide another or many others.

Here is another news concerning major airlines companies subpoenas by Justice Department for « possible unlawful coordination », which is the contrary of sane competition and refers to monopolistic conducts and cheatings. Underground as always. The Justice Department is investigating the trick.


THE MORNING AFTER. Read those important developments. From Eurasianews.

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3. Iran’s Khamenei Calls For Development Based On ‘Resistance Economy’


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