Peace in the Middle-East. Hate is Oil. Hate is Bomb. Plus Greekexit ? and the Pact of Mali.

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Israel is under a UN resolution pressure to restart peace talks and bring about a workable and realistic timetable. Athens is also waiting for and in great need of a similar timetable : workable and realistic. 

The Go-BETWEEN French FM is bringing that very bad news to PM Bibi, the irascible man, the last obstacle for peace in the Middle-East. Eurasia got the news.

French Minister Warns Against Israeli Settlements.


French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on Saturday urged the resumption of Middle East peace talks, AFP reported.

The French minister also warned that continued Israeli construction in the West Bank poses a threat to a final deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

“What’s important is that negotiations restart,” Fabius told reporters during a visit to Cairo, where he held what he said were intensive talks with Egyptian officials on the peace process.

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The State of israel is a United Nations resolution’s Baby and Creation. It was miraculously born in pain in 1948, under Heat and suspicion of votes corruption. How ironical is it today to see the Opposition of the same UN resolution born to its father authority to give birth to another baby using the same protocol : a Resolution.

Jewish people was enslaved and deshumanised. When they were liberated from death and jails hawkish conditions, they rebuilt exactly the same awful economy consisting in enslaving the World through Supremacist Networks.

Jewish were parked inside ghettos. Since 1960, Palestiniens territories are their ghettos.

This defies any rationale. Only Pure Hate can give birth to this Nightmare. Hate is Oil.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the irascible man, IS he last obstacle for peace in the Middle East.

US Must Stop Enabling Israel – OpEd

‘The US must no longer give Israel a blank check, hoping that it will use it wisely. Israel has failed that test and the US is becoming as a result complicit in Israel’s self-destructive policy. Given that the US has a moral and material stake in Israel’s wellbeing and is committed to its preservation, it must be in a position to shape and influence Israel’s conduct, particularly in relation to its conflict with the Palestinians’. (Eurasianews)

Mali. French Foreign Minister visit to Algeria, the other go-between in resolving the Malian crisis where a deal has been sealed. El Watan is getting the report.

Accord pour la paix et la réconciliation au Mali. La France salue la médiation algérienne.

As for Greece, Are We Missing The Reform Opportunity Of The Crisis? – Analysis

The Greek adjustment programme failed. This column argues that the problem lay in the programme’s design. By focusing on deficit reductions and the wrong type of reform, it failed to build up the only thing that could provide the basis for debt repayment – namely a dynamic, export-oriented productive base. A broader reform agenda that creates hope would be accepted by Greeks and it would make eventual repayment more likely. The need for some patience in reaching the final destination of this journey should no longer be an excuse for not taking the first step.

By Michalis Haliassos*

I guess you can’t wait to read this. Follow the link.

The day after, on the 23st. here is the point by

The Greek debt crisis is coming to a head as negotiators from Greece and its European creditors meet in Brussels for a last-ditch emergency meeting. A glimmer of hope arose over the weekend as Greece appeared to make fresh concessions. After Greece promised a new round of higher taxes and spending cuts, European officials welcomed the move and said that a deal could come “within days.” The simmering crisis will need to be dealt with this week as a deadline for Greece to meet a repayment of an IMF loan nears. If Europe does not agree to roll over the debt, Greece risks a default. Beyond that, who knows? The word “Grexit” has been in the news quite a bit in recent days. For now, it appears that once again all parties will pull back from the brink.

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