Shining  through plagiarism and intellectual rapt : the new normalcy.

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With the explosion of  new  technologies, a new class of institutional thieves and plagiarists has been established and some are earning medals and dividends upon the official and legal public thefts. Now, you can take whatever you want from another person without feeling the least obligation of spelling its name. Something unbelievable recently.

Today, the latest speaker is the author and the appropriation becomes indisputable  with the institutional backing. If the institutional position is the ultimate legitimacy, then we are certainly back to the rule of strength and rapacity.

Nick Clegg has stared the “shine” in political speech, like no one before. Any other politician man taking from him without recalling his name is just a shining plagiarist.

Far away from plagiarism

Look, recently, I’ve met a man, immigrant living and working in Germany inside a phone-call center. He was astonished by the cost of living in France where one hour of Internet in the phone-center can cost 2 euros. In Germany, it is 1 euro.  He yelled at it saying “wa-laï”. It is a Guinean visiting his family in France where he will fly to Guinea to wed a Mädchen (young girl) overthere. This is a African western tradition.

He was praising Germany for being the most orderly society in Europe compared to France, the King of disorder. For instance, he told us that a woman like Mrs Lepen, a political leader, can never exist in Germany and tell publicly the rubbish and insults she is used to toward immigrants. Had she been in Germany, she would have been called before Justice and condemned, and stopped long time ago.

Germany doesn’t tolerate public rubbish.

There in Germany, no racist talks are permitted like in France. Racists stances can not go unpunished. It looks like America has been blind on the issue and also hyper tolerant against the intolerable.

He told us that one day, as he was facing a control  inside a bus in France, an incident occurred over something I’m not recalling right now, my memory is fainting here. At a certain point during the discussion, the driver of the bus told him “to obey without arguing”. The driver added “you « parasite » people nobody called you here”. The Guinean burst into anger and told him “who came first to our places ? You came to steal from us, that is why I’m entitled to be here”. He was so enraged that he wished the incident had happened in Germany.

Concerning the cost of living, he said he always shivers when he sees the cost of food in France and people paying for it at the cashier desk.

When the owner of the phone-center replicated Germany was not expensive because there was no minimum wage overthere. When you can pay 400 euros to workers, the least you can do is to ease the cost of leaving. The Guinean laughed at this underlining that this is no longer the case, the minimum wage in Germany is now 850 euros monthly. More, Germany would pay your house up to 350 euros. Which means, you have a guarantee of 1,000 euros each month to leave on, while unemployed. And the food and other services are cheaper.

As for child care allowances, 1,000 euros bonus is allocated for every birth. Remember, in Germany social benefits are not only for the children, like in France where once the children have grown up, the mother count for zero. In Germany, being a mother is a social category with its own social benefits.

Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Swiss are more generous socially and solidarily than France. But guess what ? French propaganda is the more resounding in speech. Politicians will always complain about the cost of solidarity due to skyrocketing immigration. Mrs Lepen holding the mic.

It is all about poor governance and scapegoating.

Immigration is the perfect scapegoat for a poor fucking governance.

The last example the Guinean visitor brought forward is corruption and public stealing. In France, politicians are not accountable. In Germany, the president had to resign only because his friend  footed a 700 euros bill for him for its anniversary invitation.  Can you imagine a place like in France where millions and millions of public money are either waisted or taken away  into some personal pockets without Justice condemnations? Even more so, the same big thieves would come after sometime and got elected by the French crazy people.

French people are crazy, lazy and unfaithful. They are full of contradictions.

That is why you’ll see something like Marine le Pen only in France where the people are going mad.

French is the society of total impunity for the happy few. In Germany a Minister has resigned over the accusations of plagiarism. In the Netherlands, a MP’s did resign because of a false tale concerning his life being threatened by a forced marriage. In France, a former Minister of Justice has falsified a scholar degree to enter the school of Law, one of the multiple secret scholar’s orders in France. When the trick was discovered, nothing happened. Instead, this minister, at the time of the revelation, being the Prince’s favorite, claimed a double-mandate as a Major of a Paris city and as a European MP as a compensation of her dismissal from the gov. The Prince gave it all to the lady.

French devoted press lauded and applauded this fucking trading. Shamelessly. So is the French public navigating in plain contradiction : criticizing the medias but swearing and believing only them and the politicians they criticize all day long. Crazy.Crazy.

How can such a corrupt society go on ? This is a “Time bomb” society (The Economist).

This was a moment of pure and real politics I wanted to share with you as the choice is approaching in UK for the general elections within two months. That’s tomorrow, by now.

Hopefully, Nick Clegg will shine through. It’s time for new top and inventive politicians. The ones elected have been unable to bring about a New Deal. They just failed short from the targets and the challenges.

How to avoid to hear another « nobody is ready to the task », by President Bill Clinton ? How to reconcile Experience and Inventivity ? Don’t talk to me about Audacity anymore. Please. Please. Please.


The morning after, excellent news coming from America over « zero tolerance » of racists speech. CNN is reporting the following :

1. Two University of Oklahoma students were expelled today for their alleged « leadership role » in a racist chant by Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity members, a decision that President David Boren says speaks to his school’s « zero tolerance » policy for such « threatening racist behavior. »

The expulsions come days after the video surfaced and hours before the midnight Tuesday deadline that SAE members were given to pack their bags and get out of their house.

One of the two University of Oklahoma students expelled for their role in leading a racist chant reportedly has issued an apology.

« I am deeply sorry for what I did Saturday night. It was wrong and reckless. I made a horrible mistake by joining into the singing and encouraging others to do the same, » Parker Rice said in a statement printed in The Dallas Morning News.

Rice and another student were expelled Tuesday over their alleged « leadership role » in a racist chant by Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity members. University President David Boren said the decision to expel the students speaks to his school’s « zero tolerance » policy for such « threatening racist behavior. »

2. Ferguson, Missouri, City Manager John Shaw has resigned in the wake of a scathing Justice Department report.

The report blames Ferguson police and courts for abusive behavior that disproportionately targets African-American residents.

The Ferguson city manager directs and supervises all city departments, including the police department.

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