Nigeria. The bombing of a Mosque by Boko Haram disqualifies the sitting president to run again.

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As CNN is quoting Nigerian state-run broadcaster NTA reporting « Dozens of people were killed when three bombs exploded at a northern Nigerian mosque where people had gathered for Friday prayers, » there is enough to dismiss president Jonathan Goodluck as the president unable to deal or constraint Boko Haram.

In fact, since the group abducted 200 plus girls and laughed, in an ultimate challenge « all the girls was converted into Muslims and married off », it was an absolute humiliation for the president and  to the Nigerian Army.

Coming after the president announced to the World he had reached a deal with the group, a deal which turned out false, it is inconceivable how the group has been free to conduct terrible attacks, setting terror in the market, at schools, and now inside the mosque. Where will all this stop ? Apparently,  nowhere.

Considering Boko Haram endless persecution on Nigerians, how President Goodluck is he going to justify his candidacy ? What for ?

The first need of Citizens is Life’s security. Ferguson’s events have recalled this message some reporters –  quick at denouncing cars on fire along with some buildings at Ferguson –  are rejecting in second place, brushing that prerequisite. Life in danger comes first before any car, buildings or shops, because we are the ones – as Human Beings alive – who are building them, using them and working them and not the opposite.

Some may say, it is useless to burn stuff or to loot.  OK, it is also useless not to tell and give Justice. I mean this is not the debate. The debate is Injustice provokes rage and enraged people become uncontrollable. You can not control public madness, or explosion of anger, especially when injustice, disapprobation, disaffection and mistrust has been entrenched for such a long period of  time.

Fortunately, people of Ferguson have started to heal and cure themselves in helping to restore harmony. Until next round coming with the Federal trial. They have issued a boycott list for this black Friday and week-end and called the public to get stuff in black owners shops. Meanwhile they have promised not to give up fight. 

>>> Ferguson’s Thanksgiving mixed with kindness, sadness (CNN).


Peace requires security and justice. And peace is Life.


When a president is unable to guarantee both : Life and Justice or Security, then what is president Goodluck running for ?  Boko Haram existence and free movement plus schools and sensible places kept unguarded are reasons enough to condition president Jonathan Goodluck candidacy to Him stopping the armed group.

The clock is ticking. If he feels like the task is overwhelming, then it is time to think about leaving the place to a strong man. May be a General of Army, if civilians don’t fit the size of the Duty. Permanent terrorist attacks are worst than Ebola. Psychologically speaking.

But there is even more : economic uncertainties are looming not only for Nigeria but also for Algeria, members of OPEC in great trouble heavily relying on oil revenues. The arrival of the US and Canada in the stage, digging deep on Earth to the point of destabilizing the entire World environmental balances dangerously, is bringing Oil price to an historical low. Another dangerous path some experts describe either potentially capable to push the World economy into another crisis, the size of 2008 and to disrupt the good will of Obama making an environmental deal with China to reduce toxic gaz at a time when America is building a highway of oil with Canada.

As usual, it all started WITH Saudi Arabia, the oil in the OPEC water. As an American satellite and enemy of Iran and Venezuela, other members of the OPEC – Sudan is no longer producing ; so is Lybia weakened – Saudi Arabia and its satellites the Emirates did it hard for OPEC to lower the output and increase oil price.

Geopolitically, the balance of power is shifting North-American Way plus Brazil. To be the first on this new market – no matter the costs for the planet, for asthma and heart diseases to come – Russia has to be out of the game and placed in a situation not to be able to continue oil and gas deliveries to European nations. Which explains Ukraine crisis and sanctions against Russia.

So Ukraine is a war for Oil. Again and again.

Ukraine is a smokescreen, a pretext for the control of oil money and delivery all over the world.

In the process, Lybia, Sudan and OPEC as a body have to be dismantled also.

Benghazi rebels were stooges and puppets.

So are Syrian rebels fighting to enable the NABUCCO project. In fact a gazoduc aiming to cross Syria.

Not surprising, some top influent Americans are operating in Oil Business inside Ukraine.

You can easily understand why America is not hurry and willing to help president Jonathan Goodluck to end Boko Haram NOW.


Nigeria and Algeria are next to be out from the oil business. When the economy is going to collapse, social unrest will follow through…

Nigeria’s future is not brilliant. Social insecurities plus a fragile economy….



Picture : Oilprice


Saudi Arabia did it. After stonewalling for weeks, all attention is on the House of Saud and its refusal to let OPEC cut production, even by a modest 2 million barrels a day. The immediate impact of this decision was felt with WTI falling to $65.99, its lowest point in over four years, while Brent settled at $70.07 after a near $7.67 drop. That Saudi Arabia thought this to be “a great decision” shows the defiance of the former top global oil producer when confronted with a new energy world order. The news also handed out a battering to oil stocks, with Premier Oil falling by 7%, with Statoil, Total and Shell all down around 4%.

Despite this immediate impact, Western powers quickly moved to dispel concern about the impact of this decision on their economies. Canadian Finance Minister Joe Oliverstated that Canada had not counted on an OPEC deal, saying that “when we took into account the oil price decline…we made the assumption that the prices would stay at the low level for the entire period.”

Tellingly, far more ink has been poured on whether OPEC has made a severe miscalculation and what this could cost them. USA Today quotes experts as saying that “every time OPEC fails to act it becomes even less relevant.” Seeking Alpha goes one step further, examining in detail how this could lead to OPEC’s breakup, especially with many of its poorer members aghast at the decision and Venezuelan Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez storming out of the conference once the verdict was final.

The reasons for such a breakup are numerous. Congress is growing closer to lifting a ban, with a hearing set for December 11 in the House. Russia needs high oil prices to stay financially stable, especially with economic troubles and political sanctions costing well over $100 billion a year. The shift in production power to the U.S., allied with the likes of Canada, Mexico and Brazil, has exposed the deep divisions between OPEC members that were once papered over in the name of joint economic prosperity. If the shale boom truly makes the U.S. energy independent and the oil export ban is lifted, certain OPEC members may shift their allegiance.

Much has also been made of the fact that low oil prices will also help the gas-guzzling U.S. economy at the pump, while also trickling down to help consumers in Europe and Asia. MarketWatch is clearly loving this situation, crowing that those who will suffer are hardly U.S. allies. It estimates that with production ever fluctuating, Libya needs prices at $185 a barrel to balance its budget, while Iran needs $133, and Russia needs $100. “The rogue states’ cash flow can’t handle it. OPEC’s low-cost producers are Western-friendly powers like Kuwait.” Its economic analysis continues with the fact that U.S. shale-oil production is expanding by the capacity of Libya every year, and that American production would still be boosted at $60 a barrel, albeit in a limited fashion. Its final rhetorical flourish is perhaps a tad over-played but is emblematic of markets that are not as worried about OPEC’s decision: “If shale’s job is depriving rogue regimes of oil leverage, it’s done.”

On another front, the pitched battle between the White House and the Republican-controlled Congress over the EPA has only intensified, this time concerning emission standards. On Wednesday, President Barack Obama introduced legislation that would update the standard for ground-level ozone measurements. The EPA has long been pushing for such new rules, linking ozone to an increased prevalence of asthma and heart disease. The GOP leadership savaged the move, saying that it placed “burdensome and costly” regulations at a “time of economic distress.” It also highlighted that the White House had stopped the EPA from issuing the same legislation in 2011, citing hypocrisy from the President at a time when he is picking a fight over environmental issues.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court also agreed to consider industry criticisms of standards for mercury, arsenic and other pollutants emissions from power plants. The governments of 21 U.S. states, backed up by powerful lobbying groups, have appealed to the highest court in the land after the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia upheld the administration’s view on the standards. With the same diseases in mind, the EPA accepts a costly $9.6 billion per year would be needed for enforcement but believes tens of thousands of premature deaths, heart attacks and asthma attacks would be prevented.  


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