Foreign Affairs. Prime or Crime ? A digest.

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1 – It started with a Germany Rhapsody

2 – It went on with a heckling of the Ukrainian president.

3 – Now is the time for the Ride of the Valkyries. Total Collapse sent the post below.


Based on the following “before” and “after” the Ukraine crisis pictures of NATO warplanes located just off the Russian border…


NATO before Ukraine Crisis


NATO after Ukraine Crisis

… one can almost understand why Victoria Nuland was so eager to tell the EU to “fuck off” in her successful attemp to foment Ukraine unrest leading to the overthrow of ex-president Yanukovich, and destabilize the region, giving NATO a pretext for a major arms build up on the other side of the Russian border.

Per CNN, “There used to be only four jets ready to intercept Russian planes that crossed into European airspace. Now there are 18.” And rising.

As for what the US response would be if Russia were to park a few squadrons of Mig-35s in Cuba, Canada and Mexico, we leave that to the reader’s imagination.


4 –  MEANWHILE Bulgaria’s Answer To US Tanks Is ‘No’ – Chief Of Defence – 

The remark came in response to recent publications that the US was planning to permanently deploy 150 tanks and armoured vehicles for military exercises in East European countries, including Bulgaria. – 


5 – FROM THE GLOBAL RESEARCH – Harper Government Embraces Nazism? Canada Votes against UN Resolution Condemning “The Glorification of Nazism”.

Canada’s embrace of Nazism should come as no surprise to conscious Canadians.

We are still reeling from the successful “renovation” of our indigenous Progressive Conservative Party, which has now been transformed into the extremist CPC government, dominated by its Prime Minister, or, as many would say, its Crime Minister, Stephen Harper.

Most recently, Canada distinguished itself by voting against a U.N resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism. No doubt CPC apologists will use any number of convoluted rationalizations to approve the decision, but such a vote remains antithetical to what Canada should be.

Other external manifestations of the fascistic CPC government – and the courtesan corporate media’s suppression of the truth – are manifest in the government’s unequivocal support of a Nazi-infested illegal regime in Kiev, Ukraine.

According to John Parry in “A Shadow U.S Foreign Policy”, ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych won the election in 2010 “in balloting viewed by international observers as fair and reflecting the choices of most Ukrainian voters”.

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