Ebola, the Black Plague. Bats can’t be the origin of Ebola.

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Q&A – What You Need to Know About the Ebola Outbreak – By the New York Times, states this :

Scientists now believe that bats are the natural reservoir for the virus, and that apes and humans catch it from eating food that bats have drooled or defecated on, or by coming in contact with surfaces covered in infected bat droppings and then touching their eyes or mouths. 

The current outbreak seems to have started in a village near Guéckédou, Guinea, where bat hunting is common, according to Doctors Without Borders.


I have to react here and to bring a first hand testimony. In my African Village, when I was young, there is a tradition of bat hunting which takes place 3 to 4 times in the year.  The people of my village, including me (a chance I’m alive, picture), have eaten bats and this has been going on for years and years until those recent years when they observed kind of migration of the bats. Even more so, many people around our village used to come and buy some or eat as many as they can. All this within the limitation of our willing to tell them we have hunt some bats and, eventually, we can sell some or invite them to share a few  with us. 

It comes as an initiation. Only men and boys know where those bats are located inside a mountain housing many caves. They pay a visit there to hunt the bats. Apparently, the hunting is something absolutely perillous, that needs kind of training and initiation. The slopes are steep and precipitous ; each mistake can be cause for death. Avatar sky mountain stone scene has staged something resembling the story some boys of my village – my brothers were in – have brought out of the experience. Normally, they are bound by secrecy, but sometimes, secrets are whispered. I have noticed that one of my brother and a cousin of mine were highly respected and somewhat showing contempt to others boys who have become men today. I recently got the explainer : the two of them were the only men enough to climb and walk pratically over the crest of some flanks, the only way to cross from one part to another even more dangerous. They were asked to do so when no bats were found in the first places.

Once inside the cave, a gunshot on the Stonewall awakes the bats. Bats got asleep in the day. Some of them if not all of the bats got mad and then the hunt begins…

If bats were responsible for the EBOLA, all the people of my village would have died long time  ago.

Bats are essentially frugivorous and insectivorous. Their meat is fat free. In fact, there is so little to eat out of a bat. It is all about having the priviledge to taste something exceptional and unique. Unusual. The kind of thing that makes you believe you are blessed and elected by God as ancestrally deservant. If Karma had a taste, then eating bats and having a cave of bats at your disposal, only for you as kind of a wine sample tasting is that savor. By the way, the Stone symbolises Power and Mystery. A wink to Scotland.

Everything is sane in the bats. Look, public health bodies are inviting us to eat fruits and vegetables to keep healthy. Bats are healthy. My village’s experience totally contradicts the assertion of bats being reservoir of Ebola’s contamination.

By the way, I have been told that, Cameroonian authorities have panicked: they have banned the sale of any bushmeat at Boum Yebel, as a preventive measure. Originally, Ebola contamination was blamed on Monkeys. Boum Yebel is not far from my African village. This could explain that. Now, what about bats migration ?

Ebola has everything to do with insalubrity and horrible conditions of housing and living environment inside African towns. Ebola is the failure of Urbanity in Africa. Ebola is the plague of Africa. The solution lies with the lessons of the european middle age pandemia : 1347 to 1352.

Ebola is a plague due to poor environmental conditions. Towns’ Dirtiness is the natural reservoir for the virus. Get more in my lately publication. Here below.


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When you live in the mud,  with rats, cockroaches, flies, mice, bedbugs, dustbins and excrements, be prepared for the worst.

More details on this extreme insalubrity to come. EBOLA LA PESTE NOIRE.


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