Ukraine. Iraq. Israel. Post-mortem democratic times.

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America is back in the region. As the first consequence, PM Al-Maliki is publicly denied by the Iraqi President. It is a coincidence for the naïves.

As we were applauding the humanitarian effort, we are scared by the immediate and brutal eviction of PM Al-Maliki showing, here we go again with high corrupt decision and unilateral power abuse exercise.


Here is the modus operandi  of that American contesting  move From Humanitarian intervention to interfering into Iraqi politics.


First, I put the mess inside your country throught a group of terrorists dubbed “members of the Opposition”.

Second, when the mess has reached a state of decay, threatening your integrity and peace, then I come like a Savior.

Third, this leads me to intervene directly in the nominations of some puppets in your government.

In the end I take control of the entire country using terrorists and transforming politicians into stooges.


More cynical than this is the case of Lybia destroyed for nothing and abandoned to its desillusions.

Read El Watan, Smaïl Chergui. « Commissaire de l’UA pour la paix et la sécurité » is expressing some concerns : «The situation in Libya bears great dangers for the regional stability ».


The first step on the podium of this abusive exercice of power is Ukraine. Can you close your eyes for 5 or 10 mn, on a position of meditation, empty your spirit and now imagine the situation in Eastern Ukraine with people starving and left on their own, while the responsibles of this situation are on holidays, resting in dolce vita.

Can you envision something more cynical ? Shame on them all. He who turns a blind eye to a place where people are slaughtered is an inhumane specimen. Cold-hearted, like a snake.


And then you have got the Clintonesque wolf argument spitting her venomous foreign policy, should she be the US President. Her post-mortem prescription by Doctor Clinton goes like this :

1 – Israel was right to bomb Gaza « Israel did what it had to do », she said. Vampires walk with blood. Israel has lost its so-called deterrence killing mission, in the eyes of the People of the World – Read NYT. « Hamas beat Israel ».

2 – To her, Putin must be fought in Ukraine. Tymoschenko is the friend of Mme. You can see how close the two of them are. Coups’ enablers for the worst.

3 – Mrs Clinton  is saying Isis is the sign of the failure in protecting, helping and strenghtening Syrian rebellion till the end of the operation which was : toppling president Assad with arms. Another US planned coup.


Hillary Clinton: ‘Failure’ to Help Syrian Rebels Led to the Rise of ISIS.

This Clintonesque tactic has been applied in Benghazi, the result is this alert issued by the AU’s Commissioner for peace and security :  «The situation in Libya bears great dangers for the regional stability ».

4. Still she is Criticizing Obama’s weakness, just as McCain. That other politician prototype. An allusion to « That One » during a presidential debate (2008).


Putin is sending an humanitarian convoy in Russia comprising 280 trucks carrying goods of first necessity. Read at les Echos. « Putin is sending an humanitarian convoy in Ukraine. The EU, Kiev are on alert« .

We hope them to bring some images of the state of those cities and of the people. Frankly, we don’t understand the rationale of the Europeans and the US here : if America is able to bring humanitarian aid to the people trapped in Iraq, why Ukrainians trapped in the same conditions of terror and besieged by Kiev’s army should not be protected and saved ? Are they non human beings ? Why those of Iraq and not Ukrainians ?

If the scope of destructions is the size of atrocities committed in Gaza, by Israel, then those heads of States playing chickens and taking holidays must be ousted in the next round of elections : Germany, France, UK first. And for America, never Clinton should be the next president of the US. Just vote McCain. She is her shadow cast. Those are people walking with death day and night.

People should prepare themselves to candidate as Congressmen, everywhere in America and race in the primaries. Teachers, social communities workers, unionists are welcome.


Clinton’s treason’s flag revealed. Read below. 

Hillary Clinton pummels Obama foreign policy (CNN).


Read Also : Gaza/Israel : secret war over ciment needed for rebuilding the city. So Blockade or not Blockade for the transit of ciment ? To Be or Not to Be ? What about tunnel’s rebuilding ? (AFP).

Iraqis Nominate Maliki Successor, Causing Standoff (NYT)


Kiev is saying they are not going to allow Russian Humanitarian trucks in, alleging « a covert invasion ». If Russia wanted to enter Eastern Ukraine, this would have been done when  people of Donestz voted to join Russia. Ukraine fears  the pictures. Why the UN is not allowed inside or the Red Cross ? Don’t ask, they are in post-mortem stage. The fact is Kiev can’t count on its partners to go on murdering his people : sooner or later, we will know the  true story. May be sooner than later.

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