Legendary stories about planes’ disappearances : Air Algerie AH5017, Air France 447, Malaysian MH370 and MH17.

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As African by origin, I know and can immediately catch the essence of epic tales out of each storytelling. It is part of African culture : tales and legends. Witchcraft, dementia and the absence of barriers between parallel worlds or distant times and spaces are the backbones of african tales. Air Algeria crash story looks like an underproduct of this african fairy tale’s matrix. Apparently, the plane was caught in the middle of two heavy storms that created a zone of intense turbulences too big for the plane to resist the pression. Impossible to go forward or to turning back. A perfect scenario for Hollywood.

Question : who is in charge of the meteo inside air controllers’ staff in Africa ?

Question again : the plane could not fall down elsewhere than Mali, precisely the place where France is assisting the Malian gov in fight against al-qaeda affiliates waging a rebellion and previously operating side by side in Lybia with France in the murdering of colonel Gaddafi.

Coincidence ?

As we are approaching  time for the pause of summer, read this excerpt for a laugh. Africa will be the place where we take the summer break. Next week, president Obama is hosting African elites. Bill Clinton is expect to speak. We are also expecting The virus Ebola to speak up. Development in Africa is the Third Speaker.

As for now, the Speaker is  Jason Kissner

Global Research, August 01, 2014

Vanishing Aircraft

We have been told by much of Western MSM that Air Algerie flight 5017 (hereinafter AH 5017) and its 117 passengers (according to the airline) lost contact with the ground and subsequently crashed in Mali on 7/24due to heavy weather.

A simple, tidy story that; and for all one knows the MSM soporific might even be true.

And yet, true to the times, meaningful questions remain.


Excerpt of the article.

General Gilbert Diendere, head of Burkina Faso’s crisis cell, said radar data showed that the plane appeared to try to fly around the bad weather before reverting to its initial course, which took it back into the eye of the storm.

“Perhaps the pilot thought that he had completely avoided it and wanted to return to the original route,” Diendere said, according to the website of French radio RFI. “The accident took place while the plane performed this maneuver.”

Diendere said the last contact with the plane at its altitude of 10,000 meters was at 0147 GMT and the crash was reported by witnesses to have taken place at 0150.

“That means that (plane) fell from an altitude of 10,000 meters to zero in about three minutes, which is a steep fall given the size of the plane,” he added.

10,000 meters is just about 33,000 feet, so, if the preceding sentence is true, AH 5017 lost altitude at an average of 11,000 feet per minute before being ostensibly destroyed.

The same thing happened to Air France 447.

quick refresher on that flight from the Huffington Post:

On the evening of May 31, 2009 [it was in the early hours of 6/1/2009 that the flight went missing], 216 passengers and 12 crew members boarded an Air France Airbus 330 at Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The flight, Air France 447, departed at 7.29 p.m. local time for a scheduled 11-hour trip to Paris. It never arrived. At 7 o’clock the next morning, when the aircraft failed to appear on the radar screens of air traffic controllers in Europe, Air France began to worry and contacted civil aviation authorities. By 11 a.m., they concluded that AF447 had gone missing somewhere over the vast emptiness of the South Atlantic.

How, in the age of satellite navigation and instantaneous global communication, could a state-of-the art airliner simply vanish? It was a mystery that lasted for two years.

Air France 447, like MH 370, MH 17, and AH 5017 also vanished without a word from the crew. Perhaps, then, the official report regarding Air France 447, which explained the affair in terms of heavy weather, a high altitude stall, and pilot error also happens to more or less describe what occurred with AH 5017?

Then again, it was reported regarding Air France 447 that:

Two pilots of an Air Comet flight from Lima to Lisbon saw a bright flash of light in the area where Flight 447 went down, the Madrid-based airline told CNN. The pilots have turned in their report to authorities.

Suddenly, we saw in the distance a strong and intense flash of white light, which followed a descending and vertical trajectory and which broke up in six seconds, the captain wrote in the report.

The flash of light contributes to the theory that an explosion is what brought down Flight 447, which was carrying 228 people from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

To be sure, these reports have gone down the memory hole.

Intrepid readers will have little difficulty locating other disturbing claims about Flight 447, but to be honest its difficult to decisively separate mere rumors from plausible alternative accounts.

Be that as it may, what follows may amount to nothing more than a mirage of coincidences (some of them possibly forced)but it might also suggest something quite significant.

Numerology… Follow the link to   get more.

Air Algerie AH5017, Air France 447, Malaysian MH370 and MH17: Vanishing Aircraft, Numerology, and the Global Elite.

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