Crimea has turned Russian forever: People have made their choice. Let’s turn the page.

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Sanctions, sanctions and sanctions. Look like the incapacity to bringing any intelligent and viable solution inside the endless Israeli/Palestinian conflict by the US and the UN is diverted through a maneuver consisting in covering this Middle-East archetypal problem by another imaginary conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine has got some huge problems with its own citizens, not with Russia. Kiev is that dictatorial regime taking decision without consulting its entire people, but only a part of it, I guess the one considering itself  « the chosen people » of Kiev and its environs, will only harvest storm from seeds of wind. The wind here describes a contemptuous unilateral governance. Even this president was elected by a part of Ukrainian citizens. They knew it before the elections but, nothing stopped them on the maneuver conducting a farcical election so-called presidential. This president has got an half legitimacy.

Israeli Invasion of Gaza Is Likely, Official Says; Brief Cease-Fire Is Set (NYT)

Late in the day, CNN is announcing « The Israel Defense Forces initiated a ground operation into Gaza late today after 10 days of bombings and airstrikes, the Israeli government said ».


Turning the page to next general UK elections is getting more and more passionate. 


First, 660 pedophiles have been arrested in UK.

Second. Ed Miliband is traveling in the US next week. Here is the menu announced by Mehdi (Huffpost uk)


Guess who’s got a meeting with the Leader Of The Free World? Go on, guess? Yep, Edward Samuel Miliband. Who says hiring David Axelrod was a waste of money? From the Guardian:

« Ed Miliband is aiming to stage a high-stakes visit to Washington next week that is expected to include a drop-in meeting with Barack Obama, the same level of courtesy offered to David Cameron in 2008 when the then-leader of the opposition met Obama’s predecessor, George Bush. The meeting will not be Miliband’s first encounter with the US president but the visit to Washington will be his first in his official capacity as leader of the opposition. It is expected to take place on Monday and will include a speech to a Washington thinktank the Centre for American Progress highlighting the confluence in Labour and Democrat thinking about the broken link between economic growth and shared prosperity. »

The Guardian uses the phrase ‘drop-in meeting’, the BBC goes with ‘brush by’, i.e. an informal, supposedly ‘chance’ encounter with the president in a corridor of the White House, or maybe in the midst of a formal meeting between between Miliband and one of Obama’s aides. The US president can’t be seen to be interfering too much in the domestic political debate in the UK, especially nine months out from a general election.

Remember also: despite their political differences, Barry and Dave aresupposed to be pals


Third, Domestically, Lib dem,  the Labour and the Tories are tied up over a tax plan, decrying lies and hypocrisy.


From Mehdi again.


You’ll never believe it but Nick Clegg has done a U-turn. Yes, really. On the bedroom tax – sorry, spare room subsidy. His ‘axeman’, the Lib Dem chief secretary of the Treasury Danny Alexander has penned a piece for the Mirror:

« Our revised proposal is that new tenants in the social rented sector would receive housing benefit based on the number of rooms they need. But those already in the social rented sector would only see a reduction in benefit if they are offered a suitable smaller home and, crucially, turn it down. Disabled adults should be treated the same as disabled children, by permanently exempting them. »

Labour have accused the Lib Dems of « unbelievable hypocrisy ». Meanwhile, the Times notes:

« The move, which will isolate the ­Tories on the issue, comes just a few days after the Lib Dems dropped to 6 per cent in YouGov polling. It also came a day after the publication of an internal government review that showed almost 60 per cent of households affected by the housing benefit changes were in arrears as a ­result and a shortage of smaller properties meant just 4.5 per cent of tenants had been able to downsize to avoid it. »



Housing Ponzi Scheme Losses: American Homeowners Battling Wall Street 

Global Research, July 16, 2014

For years, homeowners have been battling Wall Street in an attempt to recover some portion of their massive losses from the housing Ponzi scheme. But progress has been slow, as they have been outgunned and out-spent by the banking titans.

By Ellen Brown




And for the Malaysian airplane crash, « President Barack Obama said today that the crash of a Malaysia Airlines plane in Ukraine « looks like it may be a terrible tragedy » and said that efforts were under way to determine whether any Americans were aboard » (CNN).

Meanwhile, president Putin has sent condolences to the Malaysian PM. After a missing plane, this is a second tragedy.

Who may be responsible ?  

« Russia’s Vladimir Putin says Ukraine’s military campaign against separatists is to blame for Flight 17 disaster » (CNN)

CNN is quoting : « The Obama administration believes Ukraine did not have the capability in the region — let alone the motivation — to shoot down the Malaysia Airlines plane, a U.S. official told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

The Boeing 777 with 298 people aboard fell from the sky near the town of Torez in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine, officials said. A top Ukrainian official said the plane, which was on the way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was flying at about 33,000 feet when the missile hit ».

This Obama administration will cover Kiev until death, because they fomented a coup in Kiev together to topple former president, Ianoukovitch. History will never wipe it off the scripts to replace it with some legendary story such as the 6 million jews perished inside gas ovens no scientific analysis has even proven able in the period considered  : the Holocaust time. Just like nobody would tell that, by the time US forces landed in Normandy beaches, Hitler greatest device was engage in fierce battle against Russia on the other frontier not mentionned in the movies.

Normandy’s move, co-starred by America and the UK became possible, only after and with this Russia first huge blow inflicted to Hitler’s greatest feature, on that East decisive  frontier where the victory of Russian forces opened a venue for the allies’ victorious marching in France.

Don’t question anything, even the legends, you’ll be banned for aggravated negationism. What about fabricated History ? Don’t ask, don’t tell or risk the pillory. In those Israeli gaza invasion, do not Holocaust deny. Israel is at its favorite job : killing the palestinian people for one reason or another.

Where is the Obama administration to bring some military experts for insight ? Time for new legendary stories is opening.


ARE YOU BRAINWASHED ?  Arm yourself with the facts.

Break the Mainstream Media Seige: Arm Yourself with the Facts

Global Research, July 17, 2014

A new round of attacks against the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip has begun. With it come the loss of lives and the further destabilization of the Middle East. The Palestinians are not only fighting for their survival, but they are also fighting against a gigantic corporate media machine that sits on Israels side. Israel has the advantage of having the support of the mainstream media in many places in the world, where the news is filtered and skewed to give a distorted picture of events on the ground.

Global Research is one of the few voices and news outlets that actively operates to break the Israeli media monopoly. We are a vital source of information for readers and various audiences to turn to for updates on Gaza and the latest analysis about the situation in the Occupied Territories. Getting accurate and honest analysis about the situation in the Israeli occupation of Palestine is one of the first steps to help raise awareness about the oppressed Palestinian people. Arm yourself with the facts.

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