Argentina/Netherland : so,so. NEXT ROMERO VS NEUER.

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Mission accomplished for Romero and Messi.

It was those kind of evenings full of expectations and excitment that ends finally boring, flat and a little bit annoying untill Romero’s two stops in the penalty session. Overall, the victory goes to the much more desiring. Argentina has a mission : starting to cure the Brazilian desolation and crunch under Germany’s emperor hymn : the masterpeace serving as the German national anthem. Listen below.

The Netherland superb team looks a little bit hazy and tired. Argentina  forced its way through but failed to score. In the end, the match didn’t reach its expectations. Things slept out of control for each camp. As expected, Di Maria absence has left an invisible hole for Messi who lost a pivotal relayer to outcompete. This was frustrating and Martins’ harsh game on Messi occupying Di Mario previous position didn’t help to appease this. Too many precipitation in the Argentinian game.

How is it Ruhl was not placed in the goal for the penalty session to reedit his previous exploits ? Perhaps, he would have changed the course of this match. Perhaps. Coach Louis Van Gaal, I/We salute your excellent job and your team alike. Congratulations for your  journey in this World Cup !



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