FIFA : The World cup Of Corruption. Cameroon fixing match suspicion, Algerian-FIFA connection and Nigerian stolen match.

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The scandalous treacherous arbitrage of France/Nigeria seems to have opened the gate to some important revelations.

First of all, this article from Africa numero 1 relaying Der Spiegel’s informations. Apparently, it is about gambling. Note that « rotten apples » is an expression by Der Spiegel.

Apparently, the Cameroonian Football federation is investigating a case of match fixing implying 7 “rotten apples” to name the corrupt players during Croatia-Cameroon confrontation. Croatia won 4 zero. More the exclusion of a player, Song is also in question.

Go to Africa Number 1 to read the whole story

Cameroun is that other nation of Big Theft, after France. Whenever you have got one on board, corruption, is never far away.


Money Money, Money

The other revelation comes from le Parisien and refers to the detection of a major fraudulent scheme of tickets’ in the Black market in connection with the FIFA.

Excerpt : 

“Rio de Janeiro Police (Brasil) has dismantled an international network of fraudulent tickets selling for the World cup. 11 people have been arrested and incarcerated at Rio and at Sao Paulo. One of them is an Algerian who was enjoying the privilege of accessing  exclusive FIFA’s areas. «We hold proofs leading us to think the man has some contacts with someone of the FIFA », the officer in charge of the operation said.

According to that officer, the network was able to make up to €332,000 (one million reais) each match. Each member of the network could sell up to 50 black tickets per day, priced €1,000 each.  

Money, money, money

The police operation has also conducted 20 home searchings in different places of Rio. The police has confiscated 100 entrance tickets, documents, computers, 10,000 reas (3,350 euros), dollars and labtops.

People arrested will be sued for money laundering, criminal’s association and resale in the black market.  « They admitted that they had already participated in four World cups. Wherever the World Cup stages, this organization goes in the country host », the Rio commissioner said.

Read more at le Parisien.

This could explain why Algeria vs Russia flashlights in the eyes of the Russian Goal keeper remains out of questioning. The FIFA is already infiltrated by mafia’s networks.

When you add this to the shameful France/Nigeria arbitrage, also fixed from within the FIFA, then you start thinking may be it is past time for the board in place to leave. A big shame, that FIFA.

Nigerian coach has enlisted his legitimate griefs as such :

–       A Nigerian allegedly “offside” goal which was not.

–       An attack from the kick boxer French player Blaise Matuidi sending a Nigerian player to the hospital for injury and a stay at home for weeks, including time for remission and reeducation

–       No exclusion ever following gross faults from French players

–       An indisputable penalty for Nigeria, gone stolen.

Nigeria, we thank you for succeeding in frightening the colonizer leaving him with no chance to win but to organise a fraudulent scheme. World cups (WC) after WC, the framework  is calibrated so as to eliminate African teams prematurely. This confirms something more cynical, the superiority of some parts of the World based on racial hierarchy.

Sports, politics, economy, frauds, making black and easy money, history, more of the same process.

 Coincidentally, in President Gaddafi’s memory,  « Nicolas Sarkozy (NS) charged with corruption – Former president of France formally charged in a move which could wreck hopes of political comeback », By the Telegraph.

NS has denied any wrong doing, including the fraudulent scheme co-run with his party to fund his presidential campaign through an inextricable and intriguing double accountancy Justices are going to scrutinize patiently.

NS has promised to fight hard to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, just as if nothing new has happened, he has kept the door open for an eventual run to his party’s presidency the next fall. He was answering a question by a French journalist. Don’t ask me how a journalist can even ask such an indecent question at this precise moment, the only answer has been stated above : as a nation of Big Theft, nothing is strange and offensive. Instead, the more you can cheat and steal, the Best you are.

France is a State of Law and of High Standard of Morality, isn’t it ? Presumption of Innocence reigns as the cornerstone of a general system of umpunity and immunity for White Colars.

Welcome in France.


Back to Nigeria/Cameroon disturbing axis across two other cases of peddling underground influence.

The first one is related to the suspicious error of the Nigerian goalkeeper deserting his cage without preventing his defense to keep the goal line. An « error », that could well be a fix, gave the ball to Pogba, the french player to score too easily, just as if I was waiting for that. The Nigerian Coach has been asked about that and promised the federation will go through this.

Same suspicion of match traficking for the second goal scored  by a Nigerian defender in his own camp. Curious, curious, that « error of judgment » ?

Concerning Cameroon, Alain Boumsong was one of the Bein TV experts, untill Cameroon’s elimination. That day, Alain spoke up nervously : he said Cameroon is down also because not only premiums were at stake for the players, the worst thing with Cameroon is the path of failure starts with the selection of players. The players you’ve seen at Brasil are not the best of Cameroon panel. World cups after WCs, crony capitalism is working to impose some players in the selection on the coach ending with the mediocrity and a shadowy football team, the like of Cameroon in Brasil. A big shame.

Curiosity : since Alain Boumsong who knows the issue told this at  BEIN TV studio, he is missing on board. Instead, you have got a man, named « Omar », a calamity commenting the match the ovni stylish never heard before in French. It is either delicious or absolutely unbearable. At the beginning of the WC’s tournament,  I thought it was me. Then my son of 18 listened it with me. Hardly has Omar worded his first sentence that my son looked at me with curiosity and burst out in laugh, at the second sentence, asking me « who is that guy » ? And I answered, « Ah, you’ve got the same reaction as mine, the first day. It sounds like the man is not real, kind of a gag, until I saw him. Don’t worry, I told him. At the beginning, you feel like being harassed. But in the end you’ll get used to and, eventually, pay no more attention at all. Perhaps from time to time. The man is capable to describe an action of players as « a collective planification ». It sounds like extinct Soviet Union speaking from beyond the tomb ».

Time after, my son went on laughing and laughing at each Omar’s comment – oh my God, I wish all of you could listen French and listen at Omar, the unvaluable – he  told me « You was right. I’m no longer listening at him. It sounds as a background noise ».

I just nodded in agreement.

Omar, what else ? Boumsong disappearence from Bein TV – Was he fired ? Who asked for it in the backyard ? Peddling influence from whom and where ? 



Paedos In Westminste
The five things you need to know on Thursday 3 July 2014…
Say it ain’t so! From the Mail splash: »A dossier detailing explosive claims of sex abuse by paedophiles within Westminster has gone missing. Given to Home Secretary Leon Brittan in 1983, the files allegedly exposed a vile network at Parliament and Whitehall. But there is no record of any subsequent criminal inquiry and the Home Office yesterday admitted the dossier is either lost or destroyed. Lord Brittan, 74, is now facing questions over his handling of the document and inconsistencies in his account of what he did with it. The Tory peer told journalists last year he had no recollection of being given the dossier. But in a statement yesterday morning, he changed his mind. He confirmed he was handed a ‘substantial bundle of papers’ by MP Geoffrey Dickens in November 1983 and passed them to his officials for further investigation. »If true, it’ll be a rare case of a front-page Mail political story truly meriting the use of the word ‘explosive’.
President Sarkozy has categorically rejected the existence of any double accountancy concerning his campaign. To him, such allegations are rubbish. Null. He is also insisting this is a setup by the regime in place in France and a plot of judicial harassment aiming at destroying him. Pure and simple. Namely, he his denouncing the appointment of two Justices who campaigned against him during the presidential race, to instruct the file. This face-to-face with those partial opponents can’t be the stage for a « FAIR JUSTICE » any citizen deserves. In one word, the panel of justices is biaised, and, for that reason, procedurial appeal may be plausible.
That is why, the former president has promised to fight back citing « the best defense is attack ». Golden rule, at those Brasilian times.

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