Matuidi the killer, Evra the kisser and France can exult. France has won by cheating, as usual.

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Each time France is playing football, a complacent arbitrage operates systematically. Is it because of Platini or under Platini’s instructions ? Knowing that this nation is the Cheater-in-Chief, everything is possible. Yes, if you just look the score 2-0, France is the winner. But, if you look at the entire match, Nigeria has dominated its subject. Yet, lack of concentration has always been a great default of African teams. You don’t take a goal 12mn to the end of a match you have dominated all along. Worst, this can not be the moment you score against your team.

French has won, but Nigeria didn’t lost.

I waited till now to read some comments matching my thoughts and here are two of them picked up in the New Observer :

Matt Dillon

L’arbitrage, on en parle ou pas ? Le penalty oublié ? La carte rouge oubliée ? Après le Suisse, c’est le deuxième que les Français envoient à l’hosto sur une agression et toujours pas d’exclusion…
Après le tirage, l’arbitrage … Merci Platini

It translates this way :  unless risky, we triumph without glory. If you look at the results only, it is good for you. Nevertheless, a loaded dice is just good at flattering the ego of the most chauvinistics. What about the arbitrage ? Can we speak about  it or not ? What about the forgotten penalty ? After Swiss, this is the second player French are sending to the hospital after an aggression and no exclusion for the player… First, we got that complacent tirage allowing a weak pool to France and now, the arbitrage… Thank you Platini.

To summarise, Matudi, the killer should have been out immediately, as inflicting such a pain is intentional. The intention is clearly to move a key piece off the board and to destabilise the adversary team. This is cheating at its summum. The Nigerian player out, Matudi should have followed the ousting for his criminal and traitor attack.

Second. Evra hold a Nigerian player tight impeaching him to kick the ball in the goal. All this on the penalty area.

The same Evra, that cheater, praised their game and the team as « strong, knowing that they were facing the African Champion ». I don’t know why, but Evra is much more of an Eto’o: lots of frime and a so-called big brother statute inside the team on one hand, and, on the other, very little results.

Personally, I will never support either a  killer or a cheating  camp. The fact is, when it comes to executing dirty jobs towards black people, you’ll hardly find another person willing to cary on the killing mission than another automat-white-made black man. Stupid and evil.

Germany is warned. You will face a team of cheaters. Keep your eyes wide open and take care of yourself. Otherwise, you may find yourself lying in a brancard and hospitalised as quickly as it takes to hit a killing kick.

A fraudulent society is the perfect incubator for cheating players.

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