Poroshenko must wake up to Real-Politik and say thank you to President Putin for his kindness.

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President Poroshenko has taken oath in Kiev. This was yesterday. He has expressed his desire for the unity of the nation and for the returning of Crimea in Ukraine. Unifying a nation and getting back Crimea in Ukraine ? The first ambition is possible, on some conditions. The second one is absolutely « mission impossible ».

Let’s begin with this impossible returning back of Crimea to Ukraine. Historically, Crimea is returning back to a place it should not have left before. This is Justice of History. Crimea was wrongly separated from Russia. That is why, naturally and without delay, they asked their rattachement to Russia. Brothers reunited. Everything is in order.

History Truth is restaured and Familial links in the move. Above all this, there is a story of love and marriage of women and men from which you can expect children and the sustainability of the Humanity. Crimea in Ukraine was like a young girl being obliged to marry a man of her parents’ choice. Marriage of reason. With Russia, Crimea has chosen alone his partner for life, for the best and the worst. Each time a woman was forced into an arranged marriage, she flee to rejoin her lover. Crimea is Russian and this time they are the ones who chose it, not the Others making the choice for them.

Now, president Poroshenko is talking about unifying the nation. Good idea. But we still don’t know the method he will be implementing. Here is in advance, a real politikal agenda, if all this is sincere.

First, Poroshenko knows he was elected only by the West side of Ukraine. In a sense, he is the president of Kiev only and not of Lugansk, Donetsk for instance. Even in Maidan, people are still dubious democracy is the next step. Just in case, they are still occupying the place like watchdogs.

Unless that Kiev president goes through the Eastern rejection by corruption, as seen in some places, and admitting that leaders of territories in rebellion would  accept to lay down the arms for personal enrichment, president Poroshenko must hold a national referendum asking people their opinion over the rattachement of the nation to the EU or to Russia. This is first. An anticipation of the results will tell, EU in the Westside and Russia in the East. This translates into a de facto federalization, Eastern with Russia and Kiev with the EU.

When you are there, then the president should launch parliamentaries elections first. The parliament elect would have the urgent mission of reconsidering the Constitution over the occurancy of a coup and the modus operandi. To avoid another hijack by the institutions, a national debate should be launched and the final amendment adopted by a referendum.

To sum it Poroshenko should respect democratic procedures and only that. But would he ? He is already rejecting federalization, which is the only option viable to keep the nation’s unity.

Really, Poroshenko should thank Putin for asking people of Eastern Ukrainian to take time for reflection and negociation with Kiev, first. Today, the Donbass region would be Russian and no one overthere is asking the returning back to Ukraine. A Donbass Republik is not an impossible task ?

Poroshenko can test it right now and ask people of Crimea and those of Donbass if they would like to stay or come back in Ukraine or rejoin their original land : Russia. I challenge him. The result would be crystal clear : Yes to be Russian. You can not rule people without their consent and love.

What ever Putin will be doing, he will be wrong for the EU and the US. Their medias are there to keep the echo of criticism sounding louder and louder. This is no longer about Putin, it is about the People. We the People, this is the game-changer and the ultimate cliffhanger for Poroshenko and Kiev.


We will pause with Ukraine and this is a game for you to take a respite. 





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