World cup. Sunday’s times filthy allegations of Qatar’s bribery smell politics and US-EU revenge over Ukraine lost bid.

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At the look of things, it is tempting to buy the « beyond doubt » Sunday times accusations over Qatar’s briberies. But, it seems quite astonishing the inquiry was conducted only those latest days or months. When did the Times begin its investigation. And what prompted it ? I am still very angry against Qatar for its demoniac support of the « no-fly zone » in an African-Arabic country : Lybia and this sin is certainly now asking for a payback.

Nevertheless, the story of the Sunday Times – whether true or not – is not convincing. It stains.

First, surrounding Qatar’s bid, is a successful man, Zidane. I suspect he is the target, as he is one of the best of his generations, not being White. French journalists and probably some British are the worst racists ever, judging by the european elections results where French came far on top of all the Europe with 25% of French manipulated voters by their outlets and just behind was the UKIP. Those results reflect not only the people will, but the medias as well. Poland’s vote was biaised : 80 % didn’t vote.

Since 2010, French football team is under fire by racists, accusing black and arabic players of all sins and insufficiencies. Many questioned why those blacks and arabic players, coming out of the poorests zones in France (suburbians) can earn such a big amount of money and still lose. Many accused them of savage conducts and zero education. When it comes to name a coach, inevitably, a White ex player is named at the post. Meanwhile Zidane, the best player ever in France with Platini ;the two of them voted in favor (Platini)  and worked (Zidane) for Qatari’s bid.

Almost after, suspicions flee out to dismiss Qatar’s bid. Whether grounded or not, it is too late to rerun this. Who is going to pay back Qatari’s investments already underway ? Justice must come in time and on purpose. At a certain point, it looks ridiculous.

Where was the Sunday times to prove Britain did the same bribery game  to win the latest London’s games Paris was convinced Britain cheated on and lobbied the voters. 

Who is against or annoyed by Qatari’s games to the point of forgetting that this was business as usual, at the time ?

Now, you’ve got the case of Russia, the other target. May be they will also call it off. Just think at the failure of the attempt to capture Ukraine by who you know and you will get the undergrounds foundations.

In the meantime, we are hearing that Snowden is asking asylum in Brazil where the Guardian’s informer is working a secret press agency.  What are the inhabitants of Favelas thinking of the new comer? Are the Guardian and the Sunday Times working la main dans la main – hand in hand against Black and arabic people ?

All those revelations bring nothing new.

Was FIFA corrupt in those times ? Yes, and we all know this was the case.

Is soccer universe smearing racism ? Yes and the FIFA is fighting this strenuously.

Now, where does corruption start and lobbying end ? Those are preamble questions impartial experts should be asking themselves.

Wasn’t it fair a Middle East nation won the hosting of a World Cup ?   Certainly, it was and just for that, Platini was right to support this bid. So was Zidane, the co-winner of this year Champions’ league with Real de Madrid.

Right now, take the bets for French and British Brazil World Cup « fixing » matches. May be you could become a millionnaire or lost it all for poor results.


 Read an interesting story at the NYT over bettings. Faites vos Jeux.

Brazilian Bank Predicts World Cup Winner. And the winner is… THE FAVELAS.

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