Finally, Sterling’s case is a trivial affair of sex and love. Will the NBA go on with the trivial pursuit ?

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Oh my God, this is what happens with expeditious justice, decisions taken in a hurry, backed by a strong desire of vengeance coupled with the quest for a scapegoat. Sterling’s conversation came just in time to play the role : the man is a sacrifice by the NBA’s players and body aiming to sanctify their own sins. At this stage, the story is getting disgusting and we are on the edge of entering a « comedy show ».

Yesterday, I was asking for mercy and clemency for Sterling.

After listening Mr Sterling’s comments here : Donald Sterling purportedly says jealousy behind racist comments on CNN, all this falls down to the lines of a human affair – so common. « I just wanted to have sex with the girl. I couldn’t know the tape would be released times after in public » (Sterling).

This brings me back to the black girl, acting unconscionably, stupidly and cynically. What was she expecting ? The lynching of Mr. Sterling ? We are dealing with another Ginger White coming out to reveal she has been having sex with a presidential candidate she will contribute to destroy. I Hate those black girls bearing a destructive project and dark ambitions.

The one to sanction or decry here is the black girl. She is wicked. Doing harm for nothing. It is always the same profile : first time, they take money and love from you or consideration ; I may say they steal it and the day after, they are betraying you coldly. Those are snakes to ban on the NBA’s floors – for sometimes, not for life – should the NBA look for somebody to ban or a subsidiary sacrifice in substitution. Parasites and worms. She has suceeded in embroiling everything. What the hell is it that exhibitionism has taken such a big portion of some poor lifes ? Divulging private conversations must be forbidden and irrecevable in public and in a court of justice ; it is similar to a violation of private properties.

I hope Romney agrees here ; this should revive some bad memories inside his brain.

Some would stop at nothing to become popular or to retain public interest.

Before the whole thing hits back the NBA as a terrible boomerang, better stop all this. The sooner, the better. By the way, those black Clippers players should be considering Mr. Sterling as their father. And indeed, he is.

If some sort of  discrimination – not racism – is to be hold here, it can only be against people with HIV, the case for Magic Johnson. My God, it is normal for a man in love to ask – privately – his girlfriend not to show up with possible rivals, in general, or with some people, in particular. It is human and even raisonable to protect oneself against any sort of illness and to chose your frequentations.

May be this Sterling’s case is personal to some people inside the NBA’s inner circle. Which is an aggravating circumstance. Time will tell the truth and Justice.

Black people should not use Sterling as a shelter to hide their own shortcomings and there are too many of them. First of them, the ill-being. This is not Sterling’s fault. At the same time, some White men are glad enough to seize the occasion to save their own racists souls and culpability towards it : it is easy to them to play the wash their hands on Sterling’s hanging : Pontius Pilate. The NBA’s commissioner fits the role.

Mr. Sterling is caught in the middle of that ill-being from both sides, either Blacks’ social deconsideration or Whites’ culpability.

Here is my last take : as a black woman, I confirm, generally speaking, black people are womanizers. It is no secret for anyone truthful. That Sterling said it over Magic Johnson is not a defamation. It is a truism. Sometimes, one should look at itself in the mirror and accepts the reality,  whether crude or  not. With that, you can start amending yourself instead of pointing fingers of vindication to the other man.

Yes, africans americans are not present enough when it comes to help other black americans people or africans. Those with money just flight white. I’ve been complaining about this  and wrote it down in the terms used by Sterling. Read here the last comments over the Neger factor which is behind that petty story.

The Neger factor is a cursing. As far as black people don’t get there, they will be deserving no consideration, only pity and hypocritical support from White people laughing at them in privacy. By the way, what has Magic  Johnson done for black men so magical ? Pretty zero. And why Sterling can not tell what everyone can say in privacy (white hypocrites men or women) or publicly ? There is no taboo and there should  not be any in sport or elsewhere. Just as we are quick to accuse the Jewish of excessive love of money, black people are just not making History.

Personal attacks ? If so trials are there to deal with vilification. NBA can only apply disciplinary sanctions. Not banning – for life – for personal attacks.

At the margin of this Sterling’s case, when you see a sister of a wife fighting the husband of her sister, know that this is another case of hidden polygamy. Frequent inside black’s communities, not only in America. After all this, they will accuse Mr. Sterling of putting the finger on those terrible misconducts and moral deficiencies.

NBA’s Black players should stop their zealous commissioner before the NBA got ridiculous publicly and before a court of Justice, as the events are getting clearer.

Watch Anderson Cooper. Donald Sterling tells Anderson Cooper: I was ‘baited’ into ‘a terrible mistake’.

Donald Sterling purportedly says jealousy behind racist comments.

Have more on the issue here :





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