Donald Sterling/NBA players and owners. Time for forgiveness.

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It is heartbreaking listening to Mr. Sterling’s confession at CNN apoligizing, in total disarray, asking for forgiveness. I have already spoken out my feelings about this. The sanction is disproportionnate for this fault. So far, Donald Sterling didn’t kill a player. Magic Johnson has retired. It is not a reason to be contemptuous talking about him. Look, there is a fact : black players have found a job and welfare inside the Clippers. So, in a sense, Sterling did good to them. It is time for them to show some sort of gratitude and a payback with this pardon.

We are all sinners. I recall Toni Morrison in Paris answering a question by a media. The questioner was calling her attention over this : black americans have suffered the harship of racism in their souls and  skeletons, but at the same time, they claim their Americanship with passion and fervor. How is it ? Here is what she said : America is the nation of love and forgiveness. « Nowhere on Earth, you can find such a nation full of love and forgiveness, like America ».

On May, the 5th, we wrote this : DONALD STERLING VS NBA : JUSTICE IS NOT LYNCHING.

What shall we add ? NBA would be great turning its sanction into a penalty. The fine can be allowed to help some black people in need inside America.

I invite Black Americans with love and faith to pray with me for the redemption of Donald Sterling. He deserves it for all what he has previously done for his black NBA players, during 30 years. A lifetime.

Clippers, boys, come on. Do something precious.

For more, Watch Quest (Cocoa nomics) on CNN and Anderson Cooper. Donald Sterling tells Anderson Cooper: I was ‘baited’ into ‘a terrible mistake’.

And finally, all this falls down to a human affair – so common. « I just wanted to have sex with the girl. I couldn’t know the tape would be released times after in public » (Sterling).

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