Eurovisions of horror: a monster coming right from Harry potter’s universe is the winner. Deshumanisation in process.

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Yes, eurovision is no longer a music hall entertainment culturally worthy. It’s all about gay and third gender (India) promotion. Miserable and pathetic. What won yesterday was a mix of bad taste, ugliness, and obscenity. If this is the future of the humanity, then this is the beginning of the Apocalypse.

Deshumanisation is under way.

Echoing this, here is the other news from America :

CNN is announcing : U.S. President Barack Obama congratulates Michael Sam for being first openly gay football player taken in the NFL draft.

Now, being homosexual or transgender is Heroism. The merit and the system of notation is fake thoroughly.

If President Obama had shown so much interest and engagement in dealing with Boko Haram’s terrorism in Nigeria, since 2009, the moment he entered power, Nigeria would be better off and many crimes committed by Boko Haram avoided. Unfortunately, sex abuses and sexual fantasmes starlighted by gay’s deciders ruling the World – those behind the stooges people used to elect unknowingly – were the first priority of presidents Hollande, Cameron and Obama.

Ironically, the culture of death and deshumanisation they have been promoting since 2012, is surpassed by far by Boko Haram. You always harvest what you sow.

Gay or third gender are process of either deculturation or deshumanisation. The Beast is inside us. Never let Him out, our non corrupt Ancestors taught us.



In France, « The Voice » has elected a nullity as a finalist, someone chanting as if he was karaokeing in the mic. You’ll never believe : the 17 old boy who won the nullissime competition –  a chance, Florent Pagny and Garou were staging in the Jury – the young boy looks like a gay parti. Watch Him chanting in couple with Mika to see what gay marriage looks like : a joke and a yoke !

I’m afraid that, music today is all about politics : gay support, nude, sex, poor music.

Fucking all this ugliness and drugs promotion societies going unpunished ! Beurk, we say in French. Sickness, looking at those monstruosities and obscenities. The two gay’s promoters who won yesterday would go nowhere. Since, they won, Star Academy’s winners are atoned. Their only way of survival is theft or imposture : in the world music, you call it by its nice and nickname : a « reprise » (French) or a compilation of others  real musicians songs.

Poverty of mind is the worst ever. So is a poor leadership. Actually, we are witnessing a First Class, may I say A World Class of this ?

There is no longer real singers or musicians today ; only gay promotion using some puppets to perform as « artists ». The bad news is this is a vampire sneaked smoke (en)circling the whole cultural universe. How and what is it Culture is so entrenched with gay’s practices ? Is there something else hidden inside ? An unnamed devilish pact announcing the Apocalypse ? Nazism began smoothly as a path for liberation opening a highway of more liberties, before showing its real project’s face : mass massacres leading to WWs. Horrors.

History always repeats itself. But, it may take differents vehicles. First time as an event. The second time as a parody. This gay sickness fashion ressembles another Damned Pact and there are many Doctors Faust leading the World actually. Calligary is out with his monsters. Watch out ! Achtung !

—————- Some coincidences are troubling. After publishing this, I opened my email box and  the first click was for The Figaro. I was enchanted to read this comment confirming my previous indignation.

READ IN LE FIGARO. The Voice : les tatouages c’est bien mais le talent c’est mieux.

Here is the bottom line : Wesley was the best by far and That Kenji is just an amusement : a gay standard. Don’t hide behind a message of « tolerance ». It sounds fake : false note.

—————-Latest concerning Ukraine.

Le Point, another french magazine is reporting Gerard Schröder, the former Germany Chancellor quoted by the Deutsche journal, Welt am Sonntag, pointing the full responsibility of Europe on Ukrainian Crisis. A misreading of History and cultural affinities amidst Ukrainians – westerners and Russians – have mistaken Hollande, Merkel and Cameron’s EU treaty of exclusivity imposed to the Ukrainian junta. It was a huge mistake – that is now one of historical proportions – to have ignored the Real World in Ukraine. 

Gerard Schröder is the Chancellor who successfully achieved the reunification of Germany. This success story will later on propel Germany as a starlight.

At last, a high profile EU’s designer is telling the truth. Culture is oxygen and health. It is breath. Those are lands remoted from the toxical cultural versions offered today, as explained above. Those versions are sources of anxieties and causes for addictions of all kinds. Sickness and illness leading to destructive instead of comprenhensive politics.

ps. Reading the article by le Point, you’ll notice the repetition of Gerard Schröder as a long-time friend of Putin, in an attempt to diminish the scale of what the former Chancellor is saying. Are you surprised ? I’m not. Just ignore this and if you can read Deutsch, go straight to Welt am Sonntag.



A special point of vue by the producer of the movie is highligting censorship, threats and ill-influenza by French-Belgium elites, politicians and mediatic-incestuous connections to destroy the movie. Infamous and insane underground businesses indeed, starting from the beginning of the project ? Learn how Anne Sinclair can use her money to destroy people engaged in truthworthy art. Take note at the general system of intimidation and liberties’ threatening. Meanwhile, the same people would never lost an occasion to chant gay liberties, freedoms in general, civil rights and so forth. Hypocrisy at his nuclear point.

Don’t miss This sortie – May the 17 th.

Welcome to new York – Read « Première » – a french magazine devoted to arts mainly cinema – to have more concerning criminality inside « cultural centers ». I warned you time ahead : before being atmospheric, pollution (or climate change) is intellectual and mediatic. In one word, cultural. Think about that : toxic money and mindful corruption.

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