Donald Sterling vs NBA : Justice is not lynching.

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Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was caught in the mic expressing racist remarks. This is true and indisputable. I may be applauding the sanction but I don’t know why, something extreme and even unlawful is worrying me, as we the people and especially the Blacks are tired of black kids or young men being sentenced to death, every time they appear before a court, for drugs selling or something else, regardless of mitigating circumstances, many of them resting with extreme poverty and social deconsideration and declassification. I’m afraid, with this Donald Sterling rule, banned for life, we are walking on the footsteps of the ill-judgements of the American Justice towards black people. Racism can’t be fought back through summary Justice.

The man who never died last time death sentenced was at its final stage, has left this death sentence opened for revisitation. On the exception of rapt, incest, pedophilia or savage crimes, we should be careful in banning for life people who can amend themselves or regret their act.

I know I was the first to ask black african american people to be more on the offensive and less on the defense or positioning themselves as victims. I should have been very happy here to see how the « Neger factor explainer » was knocked out. Yet, I totally reject this sharp popular verdict over Mr. Sterling, particulary when it comes to pressure him to sell the Clippers. It looks like a Big Theft. With regret, should the lynching sentence « ban for life » pursued its course, therefore it is elegant not to sell it to a Black Owner. Justice, yes. Vengeance or revenge, No.

Perhaps, we should all calm down now that Mr. Sterling has recognised his mistake or at least has been pronounced guilty for misconducts and misdoings by the American people. Time for indulgence is now or before us and black people must pardon him. It doesn’t mean weakness, but humanity. I’m not criticizing the NBA commissioner decision, but I’m asking him to reach out to the team and to the NBA to alleviate the sentence.

Will racism end when the old guys die off? Doubt it. From CNN.

As Toni Morrison stressed it while in visit in France, racism is a perception and, contrary to slavery ruled out by law enforcement, the antidote of racism is education. So let’s move with stronger education. Figures show American system of education being distanced dangerously. It used to be the best, but things slipped away. With them, the gap got wider between the have and the have not and again, blacks are losing hold and again the vicious circle of declassification and stigmatisation has regained momentum, and again, contempt is playing out against them.

It is not Sterling’s fault alone ; the system encourages those misconducts and dismissals. NBA should take a moment to think about it, and with God’s help, may be  a miracle can come out of this. May be.

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