How Nestlé is killing a Cameroonian businessman, the people and destroying the environment.

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Yesterday night, Arte, the very serious french-germany TV aired an appalling reportage over a conflict opposing Goliath, Nestlé against David, a Cameroonian entrepreneur, a successful opponent of the Swiss multinational in Cameroon. The fight for Justice has been lasting for 10 years now. A first judgement attributed 720,000 millions (fcfa) as recognition of Nestlé’s responsibility in the bankruptcy of Mr. Bisseck, this is the name of the man accusing Nestlé of misconducts, unfair competition, frauds and corruption aiming to fail his business.

As the money was insignificant compared to the lost of a society in which Mr. Bisseck invested 5 billion (cfa) and was forced to, due to illegal business conducted by Nestlé aiming at keeping a monopoly of milk in Cameroon, Mr. Bisseck went to the appel court. The day before the Appeal court’s audience, the president of Cameroon received a Swiss delegation bringing another crook big project only them and the president knew the content and the utility. Days before the process before the Appeal Court, president Biya reshuffled the government and a new Minister of Finances replaced the one who was in charge of the dossier.

As expected, the big maneuver ended with the recusation of the first judgement dismissing Mr. Bisseck and declaring that Nestlé did nothing wrong, despite of the overwhelming proofs detained and brought forward by Mr. Bisseck. The supreme court of cameroon is the last justice and Mr Bisseck has filed a plea for compensation, reparation and Justice.

The fraudulent scheme imaginated by Nestlé and well described by Arte is bright clear. You do  not need to be a justice to see it working and to get in touch with custom’s frauds, industrial frauds – the scale of lassagnes of horse meat -, corruption and so forth : the ingredients undermining development in Africa while deposessing African entrepreneurs from both their factory, homeland and rights out of it.

Watch the reportage at Arte TV. You will also get in touch with the deterioration of the environment by Nestlé polluating the soil and the only source of clean water of people leaving in the neighborhood : their wells. Just thing that there is no social security, no other source of clean water at reach for those people, no jobs, and for the people who were working at Mr. Bisseck’s milk fabric, there is no unemployment benefits and no pensions for workers on the private sectors. This is a general trend in Cameroon. It is all damned. Meanwhile Nestlé has made $10 billion net of profit last year, out of the blood and woes of  African people.

People of the World, Justices, African-Americans, African diasporas, the International Community, the medias as well, african themselves, cameroonians, ask Justice for Mr. Bisseck and for the poor people living in an environment Nestlé has polluated to the extreme. This is a call for Justice. Know that each time you are drinking Nestlé milk, you are sucking the blood of Cameroonians and Africans. 

It appears that Nestlé is a leading force of corruption in Africa in general and in Cameroon particularly.

For more over Justice in Cameroon and dark links between Cameroon and Switzerland, read here.

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