Middle East. So Israeli PM is running away from peace talks and cutting down peace.

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For a long time, Israel has enjoyed trolling in the large venue kept open by the sacro disagreement between the two palestinians’ factions : the Hamas and the Fatah. It was easy to Israel to surf over the implied supposition based on this simple equation : if those Palestinians can’t make peace together, how can they realise it with a non Palestinian partner ? No doubt, this was the KO point in undertaking any possible scenario to solve the crisis.

We, the World, was expecting Israel to applaud and cease that unexpected opportunity to make peace. We certainly were naive : Israel doesn’t and has never wanted peace with the Palestinians. Their will is and remains the annexion of Palestinians’ territories and the washing off Palestine as a Nation, a people and a State. Strategy of Disappearance seemed to have been to goal of the Israeli project in Palestine.

Then you have got that absurd pretense from Israeli Prime Minister : a brotherhood alliance decried as a move against peace. At the time when North Korea and South Korea are trying to reconnect their people, separated by history, and Cyprus is engaging in the same path, so was Crimea’s reintegration inside Russian federation, how can you convince the World that reconciliation of brothers is a road far remote from peace ? – Watch CNN, there is an interesting interview with the Cyprus president.

The moment of truth is now for Israel to show the entire World the occupying Nation he has been so far is now open for peace, only peace but peace. At this stage, Palestinians have accelerated the agenda and Israel looks desperately behind the challenges and the timing.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, resume peace talks and sign this peace agreement once for all. The World is watching. This time, you have got no excuse, no shelter, no umbrella, no bunker, nowhere to hide.

We thank you in advance for recovering reason. Free the people of Palestine from Nazi’s political style and framework.

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Breaking news from France TV. The ICC is opening an investigation upon the conditions that paved the way to the fall of the former president Viktor Ianoukovitch overnight, behind closed doors, far away of the Parliament and of the Ukrainian People. Excellent !

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Alerte info Vendredi 25 avril  |  13h41
Ukraine : la Cour pénale internationale ouvre une enquête. Suivez la situation en direct

La Cour pénale internationale a annoncé, vendredi 25 avril, l’ouverture d’une enquête préliminaire sur les crimes commis avant et pendant la chute de l’ex-président ukrainien Viktor Ianoukovitch. La tension est toujours très forte entre Occidentaux et Russes au sujet de l’Ukraine, où l’opération de Kiev pour reconquérir les bastions pro-russes de l’est du pays se poursuit.

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