Music Awards. Daft Punk, Around the World – born again in the 80’s USA.

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What a good luck, in France we have a reliable specialist of pop music and hip hop. His name  who has edited an op-ed upon the last session of American music awards, standing for the World awards in the matter. This is the first constatation. And if the Daft Punk have come out as the all-awards winner, it is mainly because of the re-edition of a 80’s music style like. To say it straight away, Michael Jackson Thriller’s model is back on the air.

To me, if this is a survivance of Michael, I buy it all blindly.

What comes next is less pleasant, it is embodied in the title : In French,  « Daft Punk aux Grammy Awards : les USA adorent les Français quand ils ferment leur gueule » – Translate The USA love French people when they shut up their  mouth. Ah han ! May I say their Big Mouth ? Here we are a 100% again in total accordance. Generally speaking, I have noticed that trend in commenting politics and culture in America. People there tend to be reacting and responding primary, primates like, with threats hardly dissimulated ; such as a raging dunk or more of the prominent bounty booty out (thank God all the black women have got the same in size and each woman of the World has got the same in substance) , offering more of zero news in music except from soul-searching and soul-emptiness. Others would come out with big money demonstrations announcing their next wedding in Paris.

Welcome in France.

At this precise moment, France is looking for easy money and even for the fake. Paris’ Arms are wide open to embrace tourists coming to tour and to spend Big black asses monkey money. This is French big mouth. Transgressive, free and truthful. Dieudonné, the humorist is paying a huge tribute right now for that. Actually a search is going on in his home and in the theater were he has been performing for years now. But the ones you should never say a word against, those behind Big Money governing the World under which many so-called rich and State’s Institutions are lying slavery, have decided to shut down his business by all means and here we are. Cursed should they be.

Back to Olivier Cachin, he has clearly demonstrated the Daft Punk’s soul is more of a screen director inspiration, the size of Alfred Hitchcock, than a performer’s stand, strictly speaking. Even more so, he mentions that the Daft Punk, whose artistic nature is not in question,  have come to realise that to be granted an Award in music in the USA, either you are born there or you may give them the kind of music reflecting theirs. In awarding you, they are in fact awarding themselves ; awarding what they understand first and utmost. In a sense this approach of music is shrinking the horizon of music around the World.

Culturally and Politically, conscious or not, America is driven by Domination and Imperialism. Everything is handled HEAVILY. Subtlety seems to be out of sight and possibility. Openness either. Then the females hit the stage booty booty and bumpy bumpy like robots – Lara Croft can perfom it exactly the same way- whereas the males wore helmets. Males are introducing anonymity in the game and women are just asses and faces.

The question is where is the renewal, the innovation, the creativity in that ? Some of the performers have pleaded for the equality between men and women. Should we consider that the booty for a woman is equal to the helmet ? Degree zero of music.

The booty or the helmet.

Besides the place of the woman in our society today, seen through the lens of the booty and naketitude to say nake attitude, lies that other paradigma : the neger factor.

Take a look at Olivier Cachin’s comments in le Nouvel Observateur, 

The Neger Factor. World Class.

And watch this premonitory  Daft Punk video. Around the World. A pure wonder for the eyes and scenography. One of my favourite videos.


Or watch in youtube :


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