Geneva II. Time to get Realistic ! Time for reconciliation. Ukraine, time for a New Deal.

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At last we are having an interesting and well-argumented opinion from a mainstream media over the subject.

Read it at CNN. Kapil Komireddi says the U.S.’s goal has proven unrealistic. It
should instead encourage a power-sharing deal centered on
reconciliation rather than regime change.

« U.S., forget about ousting al-Assad« 

Enjoy it !

Now Ukrainian Opposition is discovering the hard way, after playing with fire. They are just finding themselves caught into two of them : the police acting to protect the nation and unexpected groups of extremists acting separately, in total anarchy. It is not their fault. Members of the Opposition have brought them an easy plate of food and now, they want more of this. We are informed that some of them are living in total despair, without any future. They have got no more hope except bringing down the System of « starvation » and « empoverishment », according to them.

President Ianoukovitch is now facing the devil inside our modern societies : extreme poverty and hopeless people ready to die to change the World, so that everyone can make a decent living. So far the leaders of the Opposition have succeeded only this : opening a pandora box.

The good news out of this is the president is going to face the real country and their needs. Somewhere, this is not that bad since it reveals the real state of Ukraine. Faced with this new deal, the president has tempered down and offered to reshuffle the government and to suspend the latest measures aiming at toughening savage demonstrations.

This is the first step of this new deal.Will the reshuffle suffice ? Is it even the solution or is it about politics offer ? It looks like the EU’s choice members of the Opposition were insisting on has fallen behind the new masters of the independance place and elsewhere in the country asking for something else : Justice in Ukraine. This is a national issue first. Time for a New deal at Home. Good luck to them.

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