As we celebrate « Peace » for all the people of the World, let’s chant « Asimbonanga » by J. Glegg.

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J. Glegg, the White Zulu is one of my favorite singers and performers as he has certainly done the farthest move inside the African Zulu’s mind. This has earned him the nice nickname of the White Zulu.

On the other hand, Nelson Mandela is said to have learnt the language of the Occupier and Colonizer during his 27 years in jail so as to enter his mind and to have a better understanding of his way of thinking.

Language embodies our souls. We are our language. We are all about language. Anyway, we should not only be that : we ought to be more, especially when the language of the day is framed in such a way that some parts of Human History are either distorted or simply wiped off the language, as comments, as analysis, as teachings. In the end, we have a generation of heavy incultured people – some of them popular – whom brains are virgin blessed soils for some carpet dealers to plant whatever they would introduce to You or THEM as essential. The easier, the better. This is where we are back again to basic instincts starring primary reflexes to Master the Game.

Get pleasure and enter the Dance floor. Don’t ask. Don’t tell. Eat and Enjoy yourself until you collapse dead steep pleasing yourself. Those are the rules of that carpet merchant’s Big Game.

As we celebrate and wish the best of it – Peace – to South Sudan, Syria, Egypt and Centrafrique and before you got dead asleep, here is a song by J. Glegg, starring Nelson Mandela. Let’s join together – AGAIN AND AGAIN – in remembrance of the passing away of A Big Man.

President Mandela. THANK YOU. The Job continues. 

Our thoughts of peace also fly towards Israel and Palestine territories, to Irak, to Afghanistan and wherever bombs are blasting in the planet. We wish them better times ahead.








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