Ukrainians at a dangerous crossroads. The EU is Hell as Others.

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Ukrainians are at a crossroads to decide either the EU or a Russian-regional economic zone. After consenting at last to join with the President for talks, members of the farcical Opposition touted those talks a parody. OK. A parody for a farce representation, here is where Ukraine is standing today. Of course, the EU is pushing as strong as it could to buy Ukraine with cash already on the table, whatever the price. And they are ready to pay the highest of it, if necessary : banks are ready to come up with more cash. Just in case.

As I’ve already said, this is an Ukrainian choice. First and ultimately.

Having said that, helpful advice may provide better guidance to Ukrainians manipulated down on the streets. The first of them is the EU is no paradise compared to any Russian Hell. The second one is, today Ukraine is looking pretty to marry by the UE. Tomorrow, the same beautiful princess will be parked inside the EU Harem waiting for the Husband’s attention in vain. Who is the husband here ? Banks.  No hypocrisy is operating in this space. To say it loud and clear, the EU is a zone under Jewish influence, particulary the eurozone funded by Banks led by people of Jews origine.

Whereas « U.S. starts new era in Bank Regulation » under the Volcker rule – Read the article from the Wall Street Journal, December 11, front page – by Scott Patterson, Shayndi Raice and Katy Burne, the EU multi banking’s systems lacks coherence and a clear roadmap. One of the reason for that situation is the unlimited size of the EU. The question is, what are the projected boundaries of the zone ? What is its phylosophy ? Trade and money only ?

For this time, I will not comment it further more, as the NYT has provided us with a strong dossier very helpful on the issue.

My favorite is Ukraine may need the EU but the EU doesn’t need Ukraine. Follow the link below to catch up with the challenges Ukraine is facing rigt now.


Does Europe Need Ukraine? (NYT)

We also recommend. 

The Western-backed Puppet’s Opposition. Dirty EU-US Business In Ukrainia (WorldClass).


Remember, entering a zone is like entering prostitution : once you are in, you can no longer come back. Impossible. It becomes an addiction. You can’t exist otherwise. Look at Britney wearings at X Factor compared to her younger counterpart in the jury to get the difference. Older, younger, there is no difference between prostitutes. It is an enlasting fate. Because of money only ? Not only. It becomes your second « raison de vivre » ; kind of identity you can’t live without ; married or not, prostitutes you was, prostitutes you remain. It is a fatality. Stigmates are always there signing the bodies of the poor victims. This is another form of slavery : addiction to drug and prostitution. 

But, there is even more, I understand some men, especially, whites have got some sex performances problems. So they need to see some black asses and porn movies to live their sexuality by transfer. In France, 2 men out of 10 are facing prostate problems depriving them from sexual intercourses. Generally speaking, in the West, the Nude is a form of Pictural Art. At the same time, women, in the occidental hemisphere are tending to be sex slavers. France and the US are on top of this trend today.

For a long time, France was heading  the trash business. The States is taking the torch. Thanks to the black porn musicians stars repeating the fate of their slaves grand parents in the farms. Many was forced into sexual intercourses by their masters in the farms, between wheat seed and corn cobs. History always repeats itself. It is a fatality. Unfortunately.

Watch a trash video here. Laughable. Married, mother, nothing can help. Prostitution is Hard to leave behind. Extremely Hard. How do you cure this form of addiction ? You can be prostituted by your husband and even  killed indirectly by him (the case for Whitney). French Parliament has taken some measures to fine clients as up to 1,500 euros, if caught asking for sex.

Now, will you call Youtube viewers and concerts’ spectators or CD buyers clients of prostitutes singers’ performers ? Not at all. They also are addicts. This is the final point, prostitution exists and will stand, as long as the demand is there either due to sexual failures or addiction. That is why fighting prostitution is difficult. The profession always mutes.

It was the issue for poor girls (like in Taïwan or other similar places claiming poverty). Now it is the Richest Musician Women of the World who are leading the move, after many successful female singers, also rich and still in it. May be, genetically, a woman is a prostitute ; kind of bewitching. The Bible links her to a snake using devilish charms to fail the Man. From bewitching to sorcerer trials, you will always find women and  no men. Women bear the power of annhilation. Coincidentally, the powerful rise of women goes hand by hand with the lost of sense and significance in our present societies. Marriage, education, politics, economy, morality, … everything is getting prostituted.

Right now, the Palais of the Elysee (Paris), the core of power in France is staging the game. A president, father of four with his former partner he never married, after 20 or more years living in couple officially and in politics,  is residing in the presidential palace with another woman nobody knows if she is divorced from her previous husband.  History is repeating itself in France. The new partner was presented to french people during the 2011-2012 presidential campaign. As a journalist, the profession just said Yes and kept all doors open : the front’s ones and the backyards.

Welcome in a World where prostitution is dissolving everything and reducing  them either to their minimalist proportions or to Void !

You see, Ukrainians, Hell is everywhere. The EU is no paradise. Not at all. Whatever your final choice will be, it is important to know where you are heading for.

Latest  interesting news.

>>>  China chang’e-3 space tube has touched the moon. China becomes the third country to land the Moon, after America and Russia. Isn’t it good news ?

>>> 6 months after gay marriage offices in France, first divorces are registered.

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