Croatia. Gay marriage referendum. Respect !

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According to Reuters, reporting from Zagreb, Croatians haved approved by a landslide majority through a referendum, the inscription of the definition of marriage as « the union between a man and a woman » in the Constitution. As a consequence, marriage between two people of the same sex is not allowed.

This is absolutely great. Democracy is alive in Croatia !

Being one of the advocacy over the issue, I really feel good. Democracy is safe.

A week ago, I wrote this down :

Flashback of the context. When we entered the gay marriage period, the Pope first came up opposing and then got more and more ambiguous and tepid ; starting on his way back from Brazil where he met with the Youth, he then said in the plane to the press « who am I to condemn a gay person ». The Press reported it immediately to send the message to me and I got it.  Still I’m opposing and will oppose gay marriage, not only for moral reasons and may I say natural human order of parentality, but mainly because  the overall thing was done out of the path and spirit of democracy. Such a jump and decision should never have been made by lawmakers only, under the LGBT lobbying influence. That is why a referendum was needed and is still needed.

The good news is starting from my opposition which is there to last and to lead to new methods of governing people with the people, for the people, not ignoring them, other countries will consider that option, before adopting gay marriage. 

So democracy has won. And whenever democracy is winning, peace is advancing, social cohesion is consolidating its hold and all this is good for businesses and for a productive environment.

A clear exemple of a counterproductive environment is brouhgt to us by the EU. This is a good project on the brink of collapsing, at the height of the financial crisis, just because the whole framework was designed far away of the peoples’ watch, initiative and participation. Each time, the European people consulted by a referendum have said « no » to a question, they were forced into what they rejected by their parliamentaries using all the institutionnal tools at their hands to reverse any « no » decision by the people into a « yes institutionnal-built » green light.

That is how a great idea such as the EU has set itself under fire of criticism with defiance and skepticism replacing optimism and the intiital passion and dedication of the people.



Here is a brief of what Reuters reported back :

The proposition of a referendum was launched on the initiative of a catholic organisation hostile to any evolution towards gay marriage. Preliminary results say the proposition won 66 % of people saying « yes ». The turnout was 37 %. Which means people opposing gay marriage have shown up whereas the others didn’t or were less encline to go against the proposition. There is a reason for this: 90% of the 4,4 million inhabitants display their affiliation to Catholic Church.

The group « In the name of the family » has gathered 740,000 signatures, the significant number obliging the Parliament to hold a referendum  the result of which is binding and requires the government.  The leader of the group, Zelika Markic has said to Reuters : « I’m happy because, starting from now on, no government will be able to legalise gay marriage ».

Nova TV has underlined that Croatia is now sharing the same camp with Bielorussia, Poland, Moldovia, Montenegro and Serbia that have also enrolled this principle in their constitutions.



Catholic groups’ mobilisation was mounted up to react against the social-democrat government that ruled last year in favor of the introduction of sexual education’s lessons in the schools. The same government is preparing to create a civil union that will handle the same rights heterosexuals couples are entitled to to gays couples, in terms of marital status including inheritance.

The Church was strongly mobilised for this consultation to the point of requiring worshippers, at the dominical mass, to go to vote  « yes » in order to defend « traditional values » of the nation. Croatia is a product of Yougoslavian breakages. The nation has become member of the EU in last july. It is the 28th member of the EU.

Actually, Ukraine is struggling hard to join the EU. People are demanding it on the streets to a government that was about to prefer the Russian federation. Ukrainians are asking the PM to reconsider and turn the nation towards the EU or resign. « No turning back ».


Having said that, whereas Russia is booming economically, the EU is not totally reliable, for the moment. Pragmatically, Ukraine could be in a stronger and more comfortable situation in a New Deal with Russia inside which the country can enjoy a spearheading position due to its gas. Inside an EU’s « Eastern Partnership », Ukraine could end up occupying the lowest-middle part of the Zone-ranking among the nations of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, including, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus. The « EU dimension was aimed at creating closer political and economic ties and fostering economic growth » with those nations, CNN is reporting. The fact is, this objective is not a reality inside the zone right now. This is more of an attractive promise. Its realisation depends heavily on the EU’s economic recovery. Global trends are still forecasting a slow recovery.

But economy and philosophy don’t always match, when it comes to Russia or China: nations economically liberal with free markets, industrially and technologically performing high – China has launched a Space Shuttle today. Objective, the Moon.  Absolutely great. Yet, the political system still have a long way to go to leave the heavyweight communist institutions, that are stifling Democracy’s respiration, behind. In a sense, we understand Ukrainian ; their choice is not that easy : between the hammer and the iron.

If Ukrainians are opposing the government to have a say on their Way of Life, Style and International Standing, then typically, this is the kind of social blocage the government could resolve by putting the question into referendum. « Do you want the Nation to join the EU or Russian federation ? » could be that question. Response A : Russia. Response B : EU.

By the way, who is informed about Timochenko’s whereabouts and health conditions ?


Read at CNN. « Pro-EU protesters in Kiev call for government’s ouster.



After voting on Sunday morning, Croatian PM, Zoran Milanovic and many members of his government deplored the holding of the referendum qualifying it as « sad and useless ».

« We should not  interfere into family privacy », the PM declared to the press,  adding « a bill on civil unions will be presented in the coming days » sending the message the government is not giving up. Strange reaction.

On its part, « In the Name of the Family » believes that  by engraving in marble the definition of marriage as « union of a man and a woman », Croatia  obtains the guarantee that the law can not change by a simple law voted by a simple majority. « With the yes victory, a qualified majority of 2/3 is required to reverse the today result ». 

In a sense, the parliament still gets the strenght to overturn a referendum decision. Absolutely problematic.

« We should make sure fundamental issues like marriage and family and all the rights resulting from them will not be revised with the evolution of the family law ». Zeljka Markic declared.

So – if the results are confirmed – we have only one word for the Croatian people : Respect !

Watch Respect by Aratha Franklin.

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