Iranian nuclear programme deal. Iran +1. Israel is fulminating. Why ?

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Before starting, here is the fact of the day. The government of Latvia’s Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis has just resigned over a deadly supermarket collapse.

After the latest agreement over Iran nuclear programme between the 5+1 group and Iran, conducted by Baronness Ashton, the EU foreign minister, many applauded the deal. Except Israel crying wolf again and again. To Israel, Hamas, Palestinians, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran are the devil. Yesterday, it was Lebanon, Lybia, Egypt and all the Arab’s states.

So, what is wrong with Israel ? 

Israeli demands were so selfishness to be followed after by the group. One time allied to Israel, France retracted from its untenable and indefendable position to join with the group. Intelligently, the group of 5 + 1 has improved its rationale : Iran has the right to nuclear power for peace purposes. Just as Israel is enjoying it and even more.

What is Israel complaining about claiming the deal is a mistake of historical proportions ? Negativity and endless fears are producing extreme damages to the State of Israel. Max Blumenthal’s book commented by Global Research is a testimony of the drifting path engulfing Israel in an enduring state of unjustified fear. Thus the beast seems to be back and is obssessing Israel, who is missing its standard of the chosen people by God.

The only fear starting from now is the reopening of terrorist attacks on Iranian or Syrian scientifics or politicians. Terrorism as an heritage of Holocaust ? Ironical and really disturbing, should it be the case. Needly to talk about preventive wars.

The Boys Who Cried « Munich ». The


From Global Research. « Israel’s Evolution towards a Fascist Racist State ».



Review of « Goliath – Life and loathing in Greater Israel » by Max Blumenthal, Nation Books, 2013

Global Research, November 26, 2013

This is a powerfully written book, a mixture of current events, historical data, and personal anecdotal comments and stories. Throughout there are pervasive themes that clearly outline the nature of the Israeli state as it exists today. From May 2009 up to early 2013, Max Blumenthal passed “many prolonged stays in the Holy Land,” from which he derived this current assessment.

The over-riding themes, and they all tend to intermingle within the right wing ideologies of the Netanyahu/Leiberman government, are all based on the demographic threat that Israel perceives to be the main problem – and indeed acknowledges to be, and has always been seen as a problem from the earliest Zionists.

While in the past there were some at least minimally effective two-country advocates, the current situation has developed into one of over-riding racist state fascism. This expresses itself in the ongoing settlements developments, now more overtly antagonistic to the Palestinians, the many race based laws prohibiting Palestinian participation in society, accompanied by overt acts of racism to Palestinians and African refugees, and open expressions of hostility indicating the desire to simply get rid of both groups.

The idea of a “Jewish and democratic state” also comes to a crashing halt as there are many instances of political leaders essentially indicating that they would choose Jewishness before democracy.

The first section of the work provides the current events background that gives rise to the Netanyahu/Leiberman government. Blumenthal quotes Netanyahu as telling Israelis “To steel themselves for ‘an ongoing national exertion and the possibility of periodic bouts of international confrontation.’” He says this summarizes “the colonial logic animating his approach to the Palestinians and rationalizing it to the outside world.”

Blumenthal continues from there, discussing various domestic laws, the banning of certain books, the use of IDF and Shin Bet personnel to control the education system, the rise of security overcoming democratic concerns, and the gradual erosion of the Supreme Court in face of Zionistic fascism within the “tribalistic culture.” The much more open and hostile racial and fascistic comments keep coming, the national disguising of the news as in the Mavi Marmara incident, the effects of the national propaganda in keeping with the Knesset resets shows “the end of democracy is an inevitable outcome,” while the “occupation is hidden behind all these layers of fake democracy.”

The next section recalls the violence of the occupation, demonstrating that with the current events within the West Bank and in Gaza, the Days of ‘48 have come again, now with a “fascist government that has proven itself capable of massacring the unarmed.” That violence all comes back to ethnic/racial identity “that is the basis of apartheid.” A quick review of the initial attacks of 1948 and the original quotes of that era survive: “there is no room in the country for both people;” and “Not one village must be left, not one tribe.”

The holocaust is another theme throughout the book as it has become a theme of daily Israeli life, brought back as an excuse to continue their own violence towards others. Yet, as seen by a few, “We perpetuate death, and that’s why we will never become a normal people.”


Follow the link for the whole story and more at Global Research.

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