Iranian nuclear talks. Netanyahu is comparing Iranians to Nazis : French-Israeli connection and croisade against Iran.

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Who is the holocauster today ? Isn’t it Israel as a Nation, occupying and colonising with an extreme brutality and a wall of terror, the Palestinian People, for so many years now that may be Israel has surpassed the Nazi’s Holocaust timing and duration ? The real successor of Nazis today is Israel, not Iran. For the PM to come forth to speak up that he is there to prevent another Holocaust to happen again is an attempt to use history for hidden and untold purposes.

One of them is displayed in Fareed Zakaria’s sunday edition : France is helping building a nuclear plant in Israel, right now, capable to built nuclear weapons and nobody is talking about it, even Saudi Arabia focussed on religious, tribal and regional domination  with Iran. Chiites vs Sunnites, again and again. A close look of Saudi Arabia’s intentions will also lead  back to another darkness in Bahrein – the Saudi Arabia’s protectorate – with a minority of chiites being enslaved and treated as second zone citizens. So who are the new Holocausters ? Certainly not Syria, nor Iran.

Remember the Arab Spring with those two allies – Israel and Saudi Arabia – joining their strenghts and hidden agendas to bring the Spring down, pushing America on the back to deal the fatal blow on strong leaders like Mubarak and Gaddafi. Have in mind that France was being lobotomised by a French Jewish Lobbyst in chief to kill Gaddafi. It was not that difficult : since the socialists came into power in France, in the 80’s, France is the voice of Israel, anytime, anywhere. It is trendy for French Ministers and members of government to be in couple with French from Jewish origin.

And guess what, our french jewish lobbyst in chief is considering supporting the Justice Minister, a black woman, under fire for her cheap administration that had led the far right to treat her as a monkey. Yes it is a straight provocation nobody is denying it. But to see a colonialist Jew, a spokeperson of Israel in Paris, a coup fomenter and a killer of African and Arabic head of states calling for a rallye of french « intellectuals » in support to the black socialist pro gay marriage Justice Minister, friend of artists – advocating for free and uncontrolled prostitution, is just kind of a joke. Another illusion and parody.

Consider that impressing example of a president in couple with a woman who has decided to keep the name of her divorced husband, just because, the name sounds so Jewish. From there, you can easily understand what is behind the French-Israel connection and croisade against Iran.

As we witness this Big Lie and Comedy, there is another highlighting coincidence with JFK’s death anniversary. It appears clearly that Israel Nuclear hidden programme may well be involved into the killing scenario. For long time, communism was the First suspect. Today, Israel is one of the Greatest suspects. Proof of it is brought forth here in this CNN’s forum for instance :

Excerpts From CNN. My apology for the lenght of comments picked up.


CNN. Russia says now is time to make deal with Iran on nuclear program

>>> The international community must do the same to Israel or no joy. John F Kennedy attempted to inspect Dimona and contain Israel’s nuclear program. Who has the courage of John F Kennedy?
One of the conspiracies about JFK’s death is related to Israeli nuclear program..!

>>> They probably were involved in Kennedy’s murder. Jack Ruby was involved in the same circles as Lyndon Johnson’s family and Ruby had nothing to loose, since he had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Oswald had to be silenced because he was just a weak scapegoat used to cover the real shooter.


>>> Lyndon Johnson later involved in various scams with Israel – like the false-flag attack on the USS Liberty.


>>> So Kennedy wanted to inspect or stop Israel’s nuke program? Why do I get the feeling that Israel might have something to do with JFK’s murder?


>>> Because you like conspiracy theories.

Israel tried Vaanunu, the Israeli traitor that sold info on the reactor to British press, and sentenced him in court with due process. He has recently been released.

High ranking officials in Israel speak against the nuclear program in Israel.

Israel was adamant on the secrecy of the Dimona plant and to appease the community privileged the US, Israel’s friendliest, a one time inspection, with prior notice, which was concluded as a sham.

Israel did not kill the US President for asking an inspection or talking against the program, that’s silly.

You might as well call the last hurricane in the Philippines an Israeli experiment in WMD’s. Would sound just as credible.


>>> Because Israel, along with Lyndon Johnson, HATED Kennedy and wanted him out of the way so their corrupt friend, LBJ, could take over the US and Israel could begin its parasitic relationship with the world’s largest superpower and future Sugar Daddy to the worlds most prolific violator of international law.


>>> Count the number of times each nation on earth has been attacked, divide by its age, and you get the frequency at which it has been attacked. If you plot this statistic for each nation you will see something very remarkable, and you will be enlightened about Israel’s motivation to have a nuclear program.


>>> I think we understand Israel’s motivation to have nuclear weapons. It’s called being the bully.


>>> Remind me, please, when did this ‘bully’ ever threaten another nation with destruction or nuclear attack?


>>> All the time. Not only does Israel and its supporters every day threaten attacking (even NUKING) Iran,…Israel actually INVADES, illegally OCCUPIES its neighbours and the Palestinian people from whom it has stolen land for over 65 years. It commits War crimes after war crimes, in the last decade: carpet bombing Lebanon (2006), dumping chemical weapons on civilians in Gaza (2009), carpet bombing Gaza again (2012), bombing and bulldozing homes in the West Bank (Ongoing), holding 1000s of Palestinian civilians in detention without charge or trial (Ongoing)…

AND It has not even signed up to the NPT or the ban on chemical weapons….


>>> Israel can’t threaten to nuke countries because it doesn’t even admit having a bomb and avoids any discussion on the topic. Israel never talks about its nuclear programs.

Israel never threatened to annihilate a country, and is the only country in the Middle East that gave Palestinians autonomy.

Israel has admitted in 1993 the need for Palestinian independence, and 11 out of 12 parties of parliament support evacuation of the settlements and the establishment of a two state solution.

Unlike Iran, Israel is somewhat less prone to sign papers it doesn’t intend to respect, and has thus not signed in on the NPT or CWC, as is its right as a sovereign country

Let’s take it down a notch with all the cussing and cursing and drama speeches.




Get more on CNN. 

It is a pity Republicans are following the hardliners and the Liar-in-Chief in the World. A real disgrace looking Libyan disaster, since Gaddafi was injustly murdered.

Question : Will France break up with the European Union on the issue ? We are eager to see what comes next.



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