Letter to Terry McAuliffe Governor-Elect, Virginia. Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov Chris Christie.

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VirginiaElection Night in Virginia (picture).  Yes, that victory was expecting. Yet it has to get real. So, congratulations Mr. Governor. The same goes to the other elections’ winner : Governor Chris Christie (NJ) and Major Di Blasio (NY). It really was a Big Night.

How far  we are from French handicapped policy, in plain denial of the evil eating the society from within and disabling it : racism . Racism is a time bombing in France. Racism is back in force in France.

Yesterday, a black TV host, Harry Roselmark, came out strong with a tribune – in the french journal, le Monde,  quoted : « I am always been sent back to my neger condition ». This statement is made by somebody who used to be the anchor of the 8 oclock official and traditional news broadcasting in France in the first european channel in audience, TF1. This is kind of thunder roar : it breaches the law of Omerta in the media.

For those following us here, we have already mentioned that french journalism and media as well as its political personnel were the leading forces of racism in France. The outcome of Harry is a deep hole in the french wrongly qualified smooth floor. Really rejoicing in those times when America is considering the ENDA law.

The differences between France and the USA are one nation is hiding its head in the sand and another is facing the reality. Nothing can be worst than denying the reality or being disconnected to the point of engaging blindly into negativity.

Asked whether French was facing racism, the Justice Minister, a black women from Guyane, rejected it straightly saying that : people talking about French as a racist nation are not « voices of France ». May we add, to complete the sentence of the cheap Minister of Justice, « those are overseas voices » – may be « international » ? It is wildly clear. I wonder why the french gov of Vichy would have answered to the SS soldiers if they were asked whether France was occupied by Germany forces. Certainly, they would have said « those are not voices of France ». Of course not.

France has got a double tradition : first, talking equates and replaces action. Second, talks stand for the truth itself without being supported by facts.

While talking in France, cheap politicians will always rely on an « imagerie » extirpated from an imaginary Republic, kind of a paradisiac world that doesn’t and hasn’t exist anywhere. Voltaire depicted such a World France has dreamt of – to replace reality – in his top book « Candide ». Candide has gone down History as an endless optimism.

But don’t mislead yourself, France is a nation of nevrose and schizophrenia. Translate, face with a problem, they will simply denied it and covered it up by one single rhetoric : Republic provides us the tools to deal with every problem. In a word, leaders are nothing, the system is everything and the last resort responsible. To say it clearly : leaders are not responsible. It is the fault of the System. This should remind you about Molière, that other famous French Man, writer and actor in the seventy century – and the answer of a doctor he staged coming up with the same diagnosis for every illness : it was/is about the lung. That diagnosis would be followed by an unsuitable prescription : something at random, kind of placebo’s enchantment.

4 centuries later, France political game looks like a replay of Molière. « Le malade imaginaire ». The imaginary invalid. The title is an absolutely masterpiece : it may refer to someone lying or hiding his real pain or to a fake doctor laking medicine and competence, he will never recognize that he hasn’t.

Remember the time those theaters were played in the Royal Court for the King Himself. You couldn’t moked the King without suffering severe punishment for satire. The only way to do so was to cheat on the King playing fun with the society as a whole. The trick was this playings were  a mirror of the regime featuring characters and life in Court. Sometimes, the King was not that stupid and the author and actor was being punished for his audacity.


Here is it : France is sick of its elites first.

This is where De Blasio’s journey promising to fight  injustices or correct them came forth strong and hugely compelling.

Concerning France, you can search all the top sectors : politician, media, education, universities, high tech… no Black man or woman or any other minorities are visible or at work in there. All those present at this level are exceptions and cheap : all of them have been nominated por favor. Two asiatics, two or three blacks, two or three arabics, among 50,000 mayors and 331 senators and 577 National Assembly representatives and around 36 members of government. Needly to talk about political partis’ staffers and the Edition’s World. The proportion is the same inside public servants and entrepreneurs.

So when it comes to writers and books’ awards, it is difficult to fully participate at the party. You just look at it as something absolutely unreal for the mainstream. French edition is a bubble.

Anyone unable to seize this is getting schizophrenia or playing the slavery domination partition of repeating Words of His Masters. French people are nevrotic : their favorite game is to pass their nevrose on to the immigrants. Each problem in France has find an explanation : too many immigrants to get rid of. Exclusion, racism, discriminations are a way to fulfill that agenda.  On the other side, if immigrants complain about racism, the same french native people will laugh at their noses saying « France is not a country of racism, because it is a Secular Republic ». Meanmwhile, the racist agenda cynically and systematically implemented by the natives is still update and ongoing.

This explains why France society has become kind of rampant apartheid land : immigrants on the margins, living in peripherical poor suburbians zones and, natives, living preferentially in the costly center. Eventhough there are some natives who can’t afford housing in the center, the fact is spiritually, intellectually, physically and financially, frontiers are there and they are not porous. One camp’s storytelling is « there is no racism in France, but only lazy immigrants living with social benefits and cheating on the wellfare system ». The other one is telling another story « we are as qualified as you, if not much more sometimes, and we are still discriminated, how comes that » ?  The first camp – and their croonies – are lying loud and clear and cheating on the back of a secular Republic. The second camp is unorganised, lacks courage and weak. They have succumbed to fatality and, for this reason, they are waiting for the Christmas Father to deliver them. Religion is gaining momentum in this part of the society, as a way for respite and breathing.

How long will that dangerous game last ?

The path for truthfulness and of courage is the way for change. We are confident the new Americans elect will engage the way, following their successful campaigns.

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