Virginia gubernatorial election. McAuliffe is gaining traction. What about New York’s mayorial showdown ?

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Newsmax/Zogby Tracking Poll: McAuliffe Headed for Big Win

Image: Newsmax/Zogby Tracking Poll: McAuliffe Headed for Big Win

Sunday, 03 Nov 2013 08:53 AM

By John Gizzi

From Newsmax. Breaking polls. Democrat Terry McAuliffe continues to gain momentum in the race for governor of Virginia and, with 48 hours to go before the balloting, a just-completed Newsmax/Zogby Poll showed him with his biggest lead so far over Republican Ken Cuccinelli at 12 percentage points.According to Zogby, McAuliffe, former Democratic National chairman, now leads Cuccinelli, state attorney general, by a margin of 44 percent to 32 percent statewide, with 10 percent going to Libertarian Robert Sarvis, 3 percent for other candidates, and 12 percent undecided.A day earlier, Zogby found McAuliffe leading Cuccinelli but by a smaller margin, 43 percent to 36 percent.Among voters who are « firmly decided » at this point, McAuliffe holds an even stronger lead of 50 percent to 36 percent and Sarvis has 11 percent.Zogby’s figures point to strong last-minute momentum for McAuliffe and the nightmare of Old Dominion State Republicans perhaps coming true. Sarvis may reach what Libertarians call « the magic 10 percent » of the vote Tuesday and, under state election law, give the Libertarian Party an automatic line on the Virginia ballot for the next three election cycles.

Get the whole story on Newsmax and stop a minute at the forum : Hilarious ! People of Virginia are fond of humor. Splendid.

Picture. Newsmax.

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De Blasio or Lhota ? A tight race. Advantage De Blasio.

Latest on the row, from the NYT.
N.Y. Today: Top 2 Candidates Vow to Make City Hall More Faith-Friendly; Referendum on Casinos Stirs Hopes in Tiny Town.

After 12 years of a mayor who has resisted making concessions to religious groups, New York City is in for a change.

The two leading candidates for mayor — Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, andJoseph J. Lhota, a Republican — have pledged to break with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg on a range of issues at the nexus of government and religion. They say they would accommodate two of the most important Muslim holy days, allow church services on school property, and work with Jewish leaders to ease the city’s supervision of circumcision rituals.

Mr. Bloomberg, who is Jewish, has repeatedly expressed a desire to keep religion and government separate, an attitude common among American Jews. “This business of bringing religion into everything is just bad because if you really believe in religion you should be the person out there championing separation of church and state,” he told a biographer, Joyce Purnick, a former reporter and editor for The New York Times. And the mayor’s spokesman, Marc LaVorgna, said last week, “His actions are guided by his belief that the Constitution and Supreme Court rulings aren’t just pieces of paper.” However, Mr. LaVorgna also pointed to the mayor’s defense of the proposed mosque, despite a public uproar, saying, “The mayor stood up and forcefully defended the bedrock principle of religious freedom while nearly every other politician in this city hid for cover.”

Nonetheless, the changes proposed by Mr. de Blasio and Mr. Lhota would represent a shift in tone for New York, a city home to an array of religions, but often synonymous with secularism.

Get more at the NYT.

Secularism vs Religious or Both ? Times are changing. 

Ultra secularism tending to integrism is ending its glory period and dictatorship in France, as it has come down to this unthinkable paradigma : while catedrals were emptied by the mermaids of Secularism, mosquees were raising up from Ground Zero. So was Muslims momentum gaining ground. Saudi Arabia and the Emirates joined the move pouring public allowances and finances to help built mosquees. Recently, a catedral in ruin was sold to a Muslim’s community.

As God’s roads are imprevisible, Gay marriage widely reopened the unhealed wounds of faith’s oppression by secularism doctrine.

Orginally secularism was set as a Tolerance promotor. It ends up as a terrifying excluder and anarchy-settler tool. Relativism became the standard and without a moral compass, everyone was supposed to behave exactly as he wants and needs to. Relativism is the perfect compass for zero morality, as it has demonised it. Secularism brought even more : Ultra individualism, since each of us is the sovereign of his life. While you reach those unstable territories, inevitably things are susceptible to slip out of control.

Here we are, excluding religion from public matters was not that visionary : instead of widening our vision, it may well have shrunken it. Gay marriage has brought back the repressed. This is good news for NY’s debators. Applauses for their foresighting and pragmatism.

Some of you may fire back with a question : where are the boundaries of Freedom ? My first answer will be « protecting life in its entirety and integrity ».

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