Putin Big Moment of Propaganda has bluffed Forbes. What a joke !

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According to Forbes magazine, Putin is the strongest man in the World, toppling president Obama on the ranking. Intelligently impossible except for sheeps and gay’s worshipers who have hijacked the Snowden Guardian-backed high treason. And the guy is not ashame. Instead, he is feeling proud and earning kisses of the magazine and mediatic profession. Our times are so manipulated by information outlets that it is a real pity for the  less informed or for those unable to catch up with the underground machine of propaganda. Ultimately, politicians are responsible for all this.

There is a strong difference between the British PM asking press to think twice before going rogue with cases like Snowden which deserves a global insight, if any and Putin giving Asylum and caution to this, pretexting he is the Guardian of Human Rights. In fact, he is the Guardian of the « Guardian-media’s underground maneuvers ». When politics are ready to catch everything strolling around to gain international standing and effectively jump into it so pathetically, the World is far from being a better place. Politics should not play petty businesses to hold on an usurpated standing.

In nineteen century, freedom of press was earned and people demanded that. Today, press so-called freedom is certainly the least thing people would fight for. A vast majority of the Press is no longer doing their job. Instead, they are doing petty politics. This is a real regression and de-civilisation is underway. It’s a pity.

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