America, the triple A spying system of the World. Snowden’s so called revelations are « du dejà vu » et « entendu ».

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You may say, this is really a provocative title. Of course it is, in those childish times where European leaders are crying wolf targetting the US, climbing on the highest branches of the tree with a great risk : falling flat together, on the exception of the British Premier, David Cameron, the only adult man in Europe and faithfull, when it comes to global spying.

If you were leaving in Mars like  some Alliens visiting the Earth planet, kind of ET, probably, hearing those european leaders’ outcry and outrage the Merkel version [after French president previous exemplification materialized into a boycott] – if you are back from the Moon either, you will just line up for a stick to hit – or a stone to throw at – the Devilish America spying on the World and committing the ultimate sacrilege : listening to Chancellor Merkel and Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff’s communications. My goodness is the word that comes in mind.

Put your hands on your head, shake your head in a nod, take a breath, clean your eyes, keep your mouth open, here you are : burst out in cursing and indignations. While doing so, superbly ignore or keep silent over the former French Intelligence Director, Mr. Squarcini’s revelations in a french outlet, le Figaro, confessing « We (France) also spied on America ». Translate, France was and is also running its own Big Brother’s spying program, known as Prism and consorts. Yesterday, Emma Bonino, the Italian Foreign Minister expressed some suspicion over the case, hardtalking with the BBC. « We suspect France to be doing the same ».

Previously to « Hardtalk », at the BBC, a commentator noted that, the Guardian-backed Snowden leaks should not come as a surprise. Generally speaking, Germany is not discovering America is spying on them : allies spy on each other. Now, on a personnal stage, it will always be embarrassing to learn some people else have entered your privacy ; it is like being raped : kind of violaton of private property. It is understandable. But look, a leader is not you and me. A leader represents a Nation and Nation’s interest. Therefore, it is not Angela Merkel,  the lambda citizen being spied upon, but Germany as Angela Merkel is (=) Germany. How do you explain this easily to the people of Germany, europeans and to the people of the World ? The informative system of media lacks time and will to do so. They give priority to sensationalism where every news are given hot, gross and immediately with little perspective either backwards or forwards.

It is not their fault ; it is about the System. Let’s put it that way. Snowden’s so called revelations are « du dejà vu » et « entendu ».

That is why, we welcome President Obama’s remarks to balance overindignation or conscious fainted memories staging right now in Europe.

Question : how is it Leaders’ smartphones are so permeable ? May be one day, those leaders will thank America and increase the level of protection. If America has been able to do so, what about other non-allied nations’ same ability ? This part of the problem is more worrisome than the weeping and wailing overplayed in large on the European stadium.

Get more at CNN. Obama promises changes after latest NSA snooping disclosure.

Squarcini, former French Intelligence Boss. « We also spy on America ».  In le Figaro. The revelations european medias are avoiding and wiping of the debate. Squarely. This is the type of reporting terribly lacking credibility.

Latest on the topic. In 2000, French National Assembly delivered a report over the American network known as Echelon. The report was elaborated by the defense committee of the National Assembly and written by the Parliamentary, Arthur Paecht. Among the members of that defense committe were : the actual president of France, Mr. Hollande, the current French PM, Mr. Ayrault, Mr le Drian and the present Budget Minister, Mr. Cazeneuve. Could you believe it possible ? In accordance with the custom, all members are collectively responsible for the report and their signatures is due, as a certification.

Have a good week-end. Enjoy yourself and Take care.

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