Letter to Senator McCain, the Terrific, about Mali’s presidential smokescreen election.

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Dear Senator,

We have to start here by a brief from the NYT –

Mali: Leader of a Coup Gets a Promotion.

Mali’s departing interim president promoted to the rank of general an army captain who led a coup last year that plunged the nation into crisis and allowed fighters linked to Al Qaeda to seize the desert north. The surprise decision, relayed by an army spokeman, came just days after the West African nation held a critical election to choose a new president. The promotion was criticized by rights groups. Amadou Aya Sonogo, the newly promoted general, has maintained influence despite officially handing power back to civilian leadership last year, and the move this week appeared set to bolster his position.

In case Senator McCain came to have missed the information, we are pleased to bring it to him as a present during the recess. On the gift paper we have noticed three concerns :

Read the whole story here

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