Slavery memories are still alive in Missouri-Springfield-Kansas cities

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No turning back have we recalled yesterday. Here is one example why you should keep the message strong with you and carry it like a Torch.

A rodeo act that had a clown dressed as President Barack Obama nearly run down by a bull during a Missouri State Fair event Saturday
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The Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association was the organizer of the grotesque buffoonery.

Survivances of the Klan are tellingly. Are you surprise ? I’m not. This is some kind of revelations, despite the apologies of the association which are so simplistic. Who is going to tell those cow boys buffoons America is a Land of Immigrants including them except for the Indiens, the first inhabitants and the ancestral Landowners ? The Quakers Pasteurs didn’t bring a piece of land with them, nor the bullying cow boys.

Look how the political debate has turned down today : into extremism and threats. Some are still thinking we are living in old times with somes reservations of some functions. The Whites at the Ups to decide, Blacks at the bottom as slavers to execute. Moreover, from the socialists in Europe (medias included as 98% of them are socialist) to some leftists militants everywhere, you have got that permanent reaction. Whenever you want to open a debate they are discomfort with, then you’ll face some threats and even harms. Those leftists activists are the remnants of the Soviet Union style : you shut up and don’t tell a word about the rentiers, the hijacking political system benifitting the same people preferably, to the Whites, the supermen. You are asked to shut up if you dare criticize the Untouchables. Whites of course. Leftist’s extremism and the Right’s share this in common.

By doing so, many people were scared and the reign of terror in politics took hold so strongly that we are now facing with post-democratic societies looking amazingly too similar to the ante-democratic stage of our civilisation. Before the French Revolution. Eventually, some militants, the elites alike, are now behaving like Kings and Queens in those new Republics transformed into Kingdoms with their clowns every where unable to debate ideas against ideas. Only good for mean businesses.


Obama au Proche Orient 2


Read the whole macabre story in Newsmax : « Obama Rodeo Clown Sparks Bipartisan Anger ».

What a great shame ! Times for threats is over. This is time for Intelligence and Knowledge. And for the Renewal of Democracy. Technocrats, Royalists, Slaveholders, the Klan those are Ghosts figures. Now on.

A New World is Dawning and it goes with some convulsions and ghosts haunting. It is a Pity for those lagging behind. Don’t be afraid to serve, Pope Francis empowered us. Don’t. Keep on going and doing and looking for the Best. America is kind of model and leading figure in the World. That is its DNA. That is also why the Nation can not afford mediocrity or savage and primaries or primates’ conducts.


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