Congratulations to President Mugabe ! Zimbabweens, you are great people !

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President Robert Mugabe’s re-election is great news for Africa and Africans, all over the World and inside Africa.  Of course, this is not the western opinion and  we all know the reason why : Madiba is their only pro choice in Africa, first and last, I may say. We also know the reasons why. There are so many of them and those to develop that we have to postpone the point as this is not the purpose here ; so is the fire at the Jomo Kenyatta’s international hub. Is it one of the criminal fire the U.S. warned about all along this week-end’s closed embassies ? There seems to be some strange connections, as Kenya had already suffered some attacks in the past. This fire at the  Kenyan international airport is really malicious.  I suspect a terrorist attack or a sabotage, as the fact is coming just after Mugabe’s reelection, just as if some people were afraid truly fatherfounders of the African continent are back. In Kenya, power returned to the son of the illustrious president Jomo Kenyatta, recently. As always, african security and protection of their goods, buildings, development and space rest over Africans’ shoulders. If they think like they used to of selling their lands and belongings to terrorists activists or so-called humanitarian people, then Africa is not there yet.

Africans, keep your ground. This is a prayer and stop betraying your people and the continent in exchange of money and some glorious reportages somewhere else out of Africa. In short, stop being tools for other people or  anybody else propaganda who is using you to promote his ‘Savior figure’ on permanent promotion and sales. Open your eyes and see how Nepotism is the new guideline in Politics and Humanitarianism. In other words, stop dreaming of a promise land elsewhere out of Africa.

You are the dream land.

Kenya, Zimbabwe, the AU praising Mugabe’s reelection with a thumb from Zuma, those are signs Africa is getting started anew and for good. Time ago backwards, a famous environnementalist named René Dumont said about Africa : the launching was wrong. This time, in 2013, the departure is different. It looks right. And of course, some people don’t eye this favorably. They preferred Libyan or Tunisia and Egypt’s actual scenarios : something close to chaos with Lybia stuck in Benghazi where Senator Mc Cain landed personnaly to launch the Lybian coup under the coverage of cautionning democracy’s process. At that time, He was asking nothing less than Gaddafi’s death and for the US to take the lead of the criminal businesses in Lybia. This call for murder is repeated towards the Syrian President from months now. And guess who is leading the international plea again ? Senator Mc Cain.

To push cynism forth and strong, the same senator Mc Cain is absolutely mute over the Snowden-Russian-Guardian (via South America’s representation) being granted asylum in Russia where he certainly will have to live for ever. Moreover, the senator is calling what is happening in Egypt a « coup » whereas the PM appointed for the transition, El Baradei has expressely mentionned « this is a revolution by the people ». So, pinch me, isn’t it the same Senator Mc Cain asking for a « coup » to topple President Gaddafi who is now criticizing the Egyptian people for mounting a « coup » ? Who is entitled or eligible for a « coup » or to a « revolution » ? Following Mc Cain’s rationale, the answer rests with Him, Mc Cain, the foreigner from all points of views in Lybia, in Syria, in Egypt, in Tunisia.

You may ask : why is it so important for senator Mc Cain to come late in the day to proclaim Egyptian revolution in rejection of the Muslim Brotherhood incompetence a coup ? Again and again, the answer rests with GOP’s demonising adventure of Obama’s administration. According to a U.S. rule, a « coup » matters for the supension of any aid to a country under this scheme. Since the administration is continuing to support Transition in Egypt, then you have got the late awakening of Mc Cain, a month after the event has taken place : « this is a coup ».

Too late my Lord Senator.

That is why We, Africans and Africans Americans are and should be proud of what happened in Zimbabwe last week. We should be proud for no longer being a pawn into a political selfishness game either senatorial or presidential. Needly to say Humantarian. We should be proud for the African and Black Label and distant ourselves from the White Black Label – or the White African Label – that has messed everything up in Africa, so far, parading and making big money on the back of African development and wealth.

Morgan Tsvangiraï has lost his soul competing under this White Black Label. Like a parrot, he has constantly relayed the venon of West on Mugabe. In doing so, he has trampled down the honor of Africa as Mugabe is one of his father founder. If Africans were politically mature and grateful, they should have left their father founders in power for life : the ultimate sacrifices they carried on their body deserve it. Gaddafi and Mugabe were among the latest of those Great African Figures’ lineage. Great Men including Jomo Kenyatta.

By the Way, the United States are working a threshold compact for development all over the World, known as the MCC (Millenium Challenge Corporation) created by G.W. Bush with Mrs. Rice as Secretary of State. The MCC compact is run inside the State Department. How that official line is coping with the satellites disorderly launched by the old former US presidents without frictions and double dip ? Said differently, how parasites those free satellites around the US -MCC compact are acting negatively ? The fog and visibility of the US cooperation is at risk with those fuzzy presidential foundations. This should not be enabled. It is an abuse of a state of rentiers. In the long term, this has to be codified by either the Senate or the Supreme Court.  Clearly, there are huge incompatibilities here, as far as democracy, businesses, ethics and morality are concerned. Former presidents or any head of state such as premier should not be allowed to run such foundations. The same goes to MPs. It’s a scam.

Mandela, Mugabe, Gaddafi, History, not the western propaganda would tell the truth about who cared about Africans until death and who lost it much including the Mugabe’s money the EU has confiscated. Where is that money ? Was it given back  to Zimbabwe ?

While some places were making big festivities over Mandela’s legacy (face A – we have got the less glorious face B for you to read here), praising president Mandela was greater, after the 27 years in jail, this is a White Man, free, never jailed or fought a war who is speaking.  Look : a White man declared a fierce anti-apartheid fighter Mandela to be jailed. Another White Man is rating the jail a moment of grace for a Mandela out of jail bigger than before he went in, how to you feel about this ? Cynicism. More. The same White Man goes on telling  « a man can not free himself if he is charged with hate and disatisfaction ». He will just end into « paralysis ». « Doctor Who ? » Folamour ?



Ironically, the man about whom those words were expressed – Mandela – went paralysed in the end of his life with too much western corruption and colonialist aggressive lobbying :

– it started with the constitutionnalisation of gay marriage and pro choice for women early in his only mandate making South African a pioneer on those issues in Africa. Unless you are stubbornly programmed, how can you impose gay marriage and  abortion on a constitution ? Gay marriage and Africa are antinomics. How all this went possible ? History will judge and tell. The surprise is Monseigneur Desmond Tutu apparently endorsed this. Was the Church behind all this ? The Nobel Peace Price rewarded all the process and the actors. For reconciliation. OK.

– Recently, we have read the truncated information quoting the Pope saying « Who am I to judge  » ? We will comment it another time. As for now, here is the counterquestion « who are the institutions and the lobbyists to manipulate the opinion and to decide in the place of the people »? If those gay marriage guys defenders are so sure they are the majority, let’s sort it out by a « referendum ». It all comes to that. Those who are certain to be on the right side of history are the same unwilling to go to a referendum. What do you make of that ? Either you are right and you don’t fear the judgement of the people, either you are not…

– By the way, the supreme court of America overruled here : it should have declared the supreme court incompetent to deliver over gay marriage. By failing to do so, the institution has abused its prerogatives and power. Here again, history will judge.

– Mandela was corrupt by those World laudatory concerts, prices, rewards, money and money and money pouring in his Foundation : the new expensive and high profitable business for the former western presidents and PM discovering all of the sudden the humanitarian face of the world. Indeed, a pretense for starting a business. I like president Bush not only because he saves Africa from real decimation by the HIV, but also, because he is a man of distinction and discretion ; far very far away from the « vanity business » and press manipulation or showdown.

President Medvedev, permuted PM in replacement of Putin (Russia), Sarkozy (France) and Chancelor of Germany (Shröder Gerard) along with the former British former PM (Gordon Brown) : those are Men with a lot of class. You will never see them making fake eulogies or laudatory statements of any sort. Just to conform to the « politically correctness » imposed on them by who you know or to run a business instead of creating a private’s one according to their standing and wealth. Lack of courage and know how ?

Africa, this is your times and don’t wait for a westerner rating. Look, this is precisely the kind of manipulation which had led former leaders to come and take money out of Africa – pretending to be some good advisors for developments. Last month, in France, a political leader from the right wing was invited by the president of Congo, Denis Sassou Nguesso to speak about « morality in politics ».  He was paid 33,000 euros. A huge amount of money. As all of you know, the money comes after the flight, the hotel, a palace and all the accomodations on site are paid off. 50,000 euros may certainly be the global cost of this presence inside the Congolese indoors development market.

Guess what ? Never French Africans with real expertise over the issue will be invited by African Presidents. Where is Africa intending to go like this ?

Guess what ? President Sassou is facing a plea in France from humanitarian organisations over abuse of  congolese state money. While French Justice is looking at the case, a high profile politician has travelled on the site, in Congo, to lecture African leaders. Isn’t it a great shame for Africans who are lying to themselves, replaying the slavery programme, many years after, or does all this amount to corruption from both sides ?

Guess what again, the french politician invited in Congo lately has been doing politics for more than 20 years now and France is a place dramatically void from transparency and morality in politics. How such a leader can lecture African leaders on the issue, being a product of a system widely the opposite of morality in politics : political locking and people excluder. Is all this a joke ?

Here is the morality : unless the presidential race went flawed and hijacked like in France (2012) never give power back again to an ‘has been’ politician. Never. Look how Putin is playing it poorly with Snowden. It’s a pity. In the end, he has got  too much to lose and very little to earn, as he is already manipulated. Consider the Congolese fake invitation to speak about morality. Think about Sassou coming back to power after a french-sponsored war in Congo ending with the ousting of a president democratically elected with the help of France. Where was Senator McCain then ?

As long as a president is in Office, keep him as long as you will like to. Calling him back after is a suicide. Putin is just proving that. Nobody would like to blow himself up with Putin right now on. President Obama has undoubtely taken the good measurements and decided consequently.

That is why I vote Joe Biden for next President. I will say why later on with the new political season. I really like Joe Biden, for too many reasons : his loyality and implication in 2012 were absolutely remarkable. If a vice president is competing as if he is competing for himself, then this is a Man. If Joe Biden is in in 2016, then I’m his wo(man). Definitely. This is not a Black Label. It is a World Class Citizenry Label. Vice President Biden’s action over gun’s violence is also remarkable.

But we are not there yet. Today is Mugabe’s honor. The Man is 80. Still he is not corrupt. Something rare those days of Wikileaks/The Guardian-backed Snowden-Putin’s Tango. Good honeymoon… until next Divorce.

Once again, Congratulations to President Mugabe and to Zimbabweens. And Africa STAND YOUR GROUND. Don’t do it the Zimmerman’s way murdering people or paving way to terrorists for their murdering attacks like the one that has ignited fire in Kenya’s airport. Watch out each other and secure your place, goods, wealth and borders’ lines. This is how you will help your leaders and be strong together while securing the countries infrastructures from savage terrorists’ attacks.

Mandela legacy, face B.



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