« It is time for the minimum wage to go up ». President Obama at Knox Fox College Wednesday, 24

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Kicking off the first start of  a series of  « speeches that touch on the cornerstones of what it means to be middle class in America », president Obama laid out an agenda aiming at taking bold steps to « make the country work for working Americans ». Reducing poverty and holding on and strong the Obamacare, along with better pays, affordable education of highest standard for everyone, regardless of the social origin, were among the package announced to fulfill that objective.

« Cutting spending and repealing the Obamacare is not an agenda », the president highlighted noticing the gap over 1974 to 2007 that enabled the upper fews to quadruple their income whereas the middle-class has barely budged. « This undermines the very essence of America and reversing these trends has to be the highest priority », the president said.

The president has pledged to « take up the case of raising the minimum wage, for the remaining of his presidence ».

We always ought to recall Gandhi saying « Poverty is the worst form of violence ». (Gandhi, the film). Meanwhile Vice-President Biden is touring India and Singapore to boost partnerships. And Caroline Kennedy has been nominated as U.S. Ambassador to Japan.

Watch President Obama’s speech here and a graphic of jobs creation over the past 4 years.

Previously to the president’s speech, the US Department Labor had published the following statement, as a preview and a confirmation of the president’s remarks to come.

Tuesday marked a new chapter here at the Department of Labor when Secretary Tom Perez officially began his first full day on the job.  He is excited to roll up his sleeves and lead the Department on behalf of working people and families all across our country.

As Secretary Perez wrote in the Huffington Post yesterday, “I will focus every day on creating more opportunity for more people.  That means more opportunity for workers to acquire the skills they need to succeed; more opportunity to earn a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work; more opportunity for workers and employers to compete on a level playing field; more opportunity for our veterans to thrive in the civilian economy; more opportunity for people with disabilities to contribute productively to the workforce; more opportunity to retire with dignity and peace of mind; and more opportunity for people to work in a safe environment and with the full protection of our anti-discrimination laws.”

I hope you will also read Secretary Perez’s blog post “Raising the Minimum Wage: The Right Thing to Do, the Smart Thing to Do,” share it with your family and friends and in particular take a look at the accompanying infographic which breaks down the Federal minimum wage by the numbers:


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