Snowden. The story left with Russia as Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua’s offers were a bluff !

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According to the Huffpost, Snowden is due to leave the airport’s confinement of Moscow for a free life inside the country.

MOSCOW, July 22 (Reuters) – Former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden hopes to be granted papers by Wednesday allowing him to end his month-long stay in the transit area of a Moscow airport and move to the city centre, his Russian lawyer said on Monday.

Eventhough « Snowden has not yet ruled out a citizenship request in Russia », it seems pretty clear the move for Latin America is fading away : no safety is guaranted over there. This is a certainty. I confirm.

Following this, the Huffpost has specified this : Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua have all said they would grant him political asylum, but none is reachable by direct commercial flight from Moscow. Recalling how the Bolivia presidential flight was grounded earlier in that spy run away for nowhere, how much do you worth those offers ? Nicaragua was accurate to complement its bid by a sounding « if circumstances permit ».

All in all, the spy’s faith/fate is for president Putin to decide upon. It may look an easy decision by a Man thinking he has got all the tools in his hands. « I’m the King of the World » ; words of Leonardo di Caprio in le Titanic heading straight into a terrific iceberg that broke the cruise up before the ultimate sinking.

What happened with The Titanic  Flag ? They were so sure of having things under control that they committed the unlooked mistake finding themselves face to face with the iceberg mountain-like. You well know the end of the story : Impact. Bang !

Listen Celine Dion performing The Titanic Song. Absolutely Divine.



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