Russians, Ask President Putin To Respect International Law and Justice. No Asylum for Snowden. Even Temporary.

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Lindsey Graham: Boycott 2014 Olympics If Russia Gives Snowden Asylum (From the Huffpost).

« At the end of the day, if they grant this guy asylum it’s a breach of the rule of law as we know it and is a slap in the face to the United States, » Graham told The Hill.

Russia is set to host the games in 2014, in the coastal city of Sochi.

I totally approuve this message. Boycott of the Russian’s games, if asylum is given. 

On Tuesday, President Putin adressed a moscovite audience defending his position by « it wasn’t me ». it was the U.S. that trapped Snowden in Russia. Complete the tense by It wasn’t Russia.

Quote from CNN. Putin  told the students Monday that Snowden came to Russia without invitation, and flew to Moscow only to get a flight to another country, RIA Novosti reported.

He added that the United States essentially trapped Snowden in Moscow’s airport by revoking his passport.

« The U.S. threatened all other countries. No one wants to take him, so they trapped him in our country, » Putin said, according to the Russian news agency.

The presidents of Venezuela and Bolivia have said their countries would give him asylum, and Nicaragua’s president said he would offer it « if circumstances permit. »

Snowden never intended to go to Russia. Why is Russia so interested in someone that has landed in the country at random on his way to Ecuador – via Wikileaks espionnage connection ? Snowden embarked in Hong Kong, why not send him back there if not  to the USA, in accordance with the international warrant issued by the United States  against Snowden for espionnage ?

President Putin is overplaying his hand. Totally unfair.



Each day passing at the Russian airport was in fact a keen way of time buying. Today’s outcome is not a surprise. This is exactly one way the situation could have developped. Temporary ? Another time buying ? If no turning back of Snowden to the USA, then it is fair to replicate : no USA in the games. Period.

Some have said it was Snowden rights to denounce America’s Prism violating civil rights liberties and privacy. Unfortunately for them, this is not an American priviledge : every state in the developing World is doing just that, including Russia, including the EU throught its headquaters of Bruxels, including France to name the most voicing when the so-called Snowden highly discovery burst out.  While entering the office, Snowden has certainly signed in a commitment to never reveal the programme he was working on. He clearly breaches this contract and he has to  answer the charges for that. Some may argue : a whistleblower is a cleaner. As such, he can self establish himself above the Law nationally or internationally. This is not acceptable and should never be the case. If any, the labor contract binds him to the NSA definitely and he has to respond to the charges.



As we are confronting Justice, let’s add this to the Trayvon’s case, SELF DEFENSE IS NOT WIELD DEFENSE DERIVATING TO LOCAL APARTHEID « STAND YOUR GROUND » HAS TURNED INTO.

Read  CNN. Holder blasts ‘stand your ground’ after Zimmerman verdict. Pure Logic.

Take a look also at this poignant call « Wake The Hell Up » in the National Memo by  Leonard Pitts, a columnist for The Miami Herald, 1 Herald Plaza, Miami, Fla., 33132. The System is flawed and biaised. This is in substance Leonard Pitts’ message. How to reverse the course ? Wake up and fight for it. To say it differently, we have got a real problem with the System and the Jury is a part of that whole biaised configuration without their knowledge. That is why the retractation of the Zimmerman trial juror B37 as mentionned here below is of no consequence.

The Zimmerman trial juror known as B37 interviewed by CNN said she will not grant other interviews and wants to get back to a normal life. « For reasons of my own, I needed to speak alone, » she said.

She issued the statement after four other jurors said the opinions she expressed on AC 360 « were her own, and not in any way representative » of all the jurors (CNN).

Ask Congress to End « The Racial Profiling Act ». Sign the ACLU-ACTION Petition here. And Share It with your neigborhood, communities, friends and members of family.



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