Snowden : End Of The Road. The Only Winner So Far Is Poutine. Who is Behind Snowden’s Defection ?

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Yesterday, the Guardian warned us about some potential explosive revelations concerning America Snowden would not hesitate to throw on the public stage, should America forced him back Home. Ah han ! What else ? to paraphrase George Clooney. Do you need an Expresso ? I don’t know about you. I don’t care. I will even say : show me now.

It is incredible. This is a young man who has clearly been manipulated. Thus the first question : who is behind Snowden ? At first sight, he portrayed his action as salvatory and himself as a dissident : a new Sakharov like. What is troublesome is the dissident has got no roadmap and is lost into the World asking asylum nearly to every place and cared upon officially by Wikileaks. Snowden has acted under influence. The future will tell only that.

As for the bombs he is detaining to inflict huge damage to America, I may say, this is already the case. By the way, A french newspaper, le Figaro is asking some key questions and making some assertions higly plausible. First, Poutine has captured the game. Second, it is higly plausible Russia has seized the 4 computers and USB’s devices of the stolen documents the Guardian is preventing the worst effect ever for America dubbed the worst nightmare. In that case, would you say Snowden has kept some more informations away in a box? Would he send a correspondant from the Guardian to the hidden safety with the password  ? Snowden is empty handed right now. His space is narrowing dangerously.

Questions mark by le Figaro :

How long will the Kremlin pushing the game forward ? We still ignore why and how the enigmatic Edward Snowden has decided to go head-to-head with the mother nation he was serving behind-the-scene since he was 21 : at first he wanted to engaged in the Special Forces, then in the CIA and finally he entered the NSA.  Is he acting by Frustration? Idealism? Naivety? And why finally chosen Moscou, after  a stop at Hongkong?  Who reaches out to another first ? He or Moscow authorities ? Has his arrival at Cheremetievo came as a surprise ? Otherwise has he been helped there by a caring home comittee ? Indeed too many questions remain unanswered. What is for sure is Snowden is caught in a nightmare similar to the one the Guardian is promising to America, should Snowden came to the point of no returng being forced to go back to America and to spread all the extra damaging American secrets he may have in his possession.

I would say too late to threaten anyone. The harm is already done : Russia has got it all. Probably Hong Kong too and China. And Wikileaks, etc…

Here is my advice to Snowden, speak now or keep silent forever. You have lost the game. Game Over. 

By the way there is a great difference between dissidence and looking for money and glory.

Blackmailing,  furiously warning damages inflicting threats, promising strong retaliations are methods from terrorists. Wikileaks is specialising itself with these methods. That is why it is not excessive to say the Group is now a Big Driving Force of Terrorism.  Wikileaks is inventing the New West’s Terrorism.  I have thought South America to be wise enough to keep its hands up from this. This is where I probably need a Nexpresso, this time.

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