Snowden. Russia dilemma.

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Russia or Caracas ? If I were Putin, I would send Snowden back to the USA.  Unfortunately, I am not. Nevertheless, Russia has got a dilemma here. On his part, Snowden is starting getting desillusioned by now : things didn’t play out as he had planned it.  He has thought or been told he would find an asylum nation easily and he dramatically lost this first part of the bid, so far. For the next to come, if Russia grants him asylum, we already know the conditions of it : no activities against America. Should this end this way, the whole Snowden show is dead before even starting. How to name that kind of journey ?

If not Russia, sooner or later, Snowden will be caught up with his past : either he is sent back by Russia to the US – which is the best solution and probably the best thing Poutine can do for him  – or he is given way to travel to Caracas or elsewhere in Latin America to fuel American Hate there reigniting the conflictual relationships inside the continent. In both cases, Snowden is trapped like a rabbit or a rat. He could be rabbit going back to his country, or a rat travelling in Latin American.  My guess is, the younger Snowden, quite unconscious, is looking smart and proud. With the time, he will find himself  mean and pitoyable : history provides us with so many high profile traitors that have ended either fool or giving themselves death by hanging, once they realised the utmost ugliness and horror of their killing mission in the past. Rabbit or rat, in both cases, this is end of the road.

As for Latin American showcases, Snowden is an illusion of revenge :  keeping hate in the air is a pollution of minds and spirits and doesn’t help appeasing the World. Snowden is a challenging case for countries looking forward : no mercy should be found out there for international criminals and no fool playing by some outpaced nations manipulating those criminals to hold on a bellicose  and impetuous political agenda.

Heal the World  and stop the whole espionage circus. The longer Snowden will be staying in Russia, the more his presence will seal a dilemma to President Poutine who is now under the pressure of  the clock ticking and some deadlines compatible with a respectful diplomacy.



This is the best solution for everybody. It may be heartbroken for some. But now is the time to fix the Snowden problem. The longer it lasts, the worst it goes over and over.

Poutine has got a though choice : pactising with the Devil letting Snowden going to Caracas or abiding by the rules of the International Law : Snowden must be sent back to America. It is a matter of Law and Morale. If not, this case could open the Pandora box for that new generation of snipers and kamikazes in espionage. The fact that, within a year, America has seen this scenario : 4 straight times : (Wikileaks, the book of a Navy Seal over Ben Laden’s killing in Pakistan, suspicion of leaks to China concerning US military data  and now Snowden) is a signal to consider sharply and to stop immediately. The quicker, the better.

Just to think that some leaders are hesitative here is shivering. Where the hell is the World heading if Latin America is a place where apparently international criminals are awaited and welcomed like Heroes in the making, just because they are USA natives or citizenship owners through immigration ?


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