President Maduro Is Getting Ridiculous. Snowden is none of South American business.

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Looking how indifferent Snowden is turning vis à vis Ortega-Maduro’s Asylum bid, the whole thing is getting more and more a gag like if not a pure and tasteless joke.

After the humiliation of President Morales, we are wondering what the hell South American Presidents are turning themselves so ridiculous before the  face of the World ? Is it another occurrence of the South cursed syndrome that any Southern leader should trail back from the History in the making replaying the same historical game boy bid Southern leaders have been playing for centuries of Northern domination now ?

Is it possible that a dominant Northen Man exists precisely because of the blindness and ineptitude of the Southern Man ?

Seing President Maduro coming out with such a ridiculous asylum offer brought tears in our eyes. And here, we can’t help thinking of Chavez.  If Maduro would like to revive Chavez memory and enter a revenge process, it is  really too late and inappropriate. We all mourned president Chavez. In the meantime, we also remember  president Ahmadijenad saying  “time for bombs is over. The time now is for intelligence”.

Ahmadinejad was a wise and strong man. He knew not to meddle in Westerner businesses. That is why he and Chavez were great friends. Eventhough he is no longer president, president Maduro can learn a lot from the former president of Iran.

To add to the ridiculous bid, the end of the game is « France is  operating its own PRISM program ». A twin of  American PRISM. What does president Maduro make of this revelation ? See here at CNN. 

Snowden is not at all persecuted. He has thought naively he was going to make a scoop. And then there is a flop. By the way, what would president Maduro be doing, should a Venezuelan revealed their own secret espionnage programme ? Would he praise the man ?

President Morales has searched humiliation by provocation. I would say, he looks for it. So is Venezuelan on its way to face another South American humiliation with a snub Snowden. What a disgrace !  Departing America, Snowden superbly ignored the South American continent, close to America prefering Hong-Kong and Europe to them. It is in despair that he chose to ask  any country outside European Union willing to grant him asylum. Remember : his latest leaks were published by the Guardian and Der Spiegel. May we say, those were allies of him ?

Any country. Is that any country Venezuela ? Chavez’s Venezuela turned into a retreat for national traitors ? At a certain point, a leader should think twice before joking. It is not funny at all, this Venezuelan joke. Not at all.

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