Snowden, The Desperate Spying’s Sniper, Must Face Justice In The USA.

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Apparently, Snowden is presenting himself as the Savior of the liberties and securities the World over was desperately in need and waiting for. Yesterday, he has asked for asylum to 21 countries. The French journal, Le Figaro has listed them as following :

After Ecuador, Edward Snowden has tried his luck with Russia, and nineteen other countries, including Iceland, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, India, China, Germany and France, according to the site Wikileaks internet. These applications were also filed towards Austria, Bolivia, Finland, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Poland, Spain and Switzerland and have been made ​​on behalf of Snowden by Sarah Harrison, a British employee of Wikileaks which escorted Snowden on June 23, on his journey from Hong Kong to Moscow. 

By the way, the president of Ecuador came out to disagree with the delivering of a travelling document issued by the Ecuadorian British Consul in total disrespect of the rules of asylum in Ecuador. The Consul is said to be a friend of Julien Assange who is kind of self-prisoner in the British Ecuadorian embassy. The Consul will face sanctions for that distortion and embarkment of Ecuador in an operation the country has got nothing to do with.

So where do we stand and go from now ?

First of all, it must be clear bright for everybody that the louder a european leader or representative is sounding, the weaker his personal situation or home economy is. On top of this « Great Comedy Show » – may we call it the « bal of hypocrites », is the shadow of a crippled eurozone economy unable to get its head out of deep horizon waters. Throught those lens, Snowden case offers a lifebelt coming just in time for a little break of respite.

Then, you have got this threat from the eurozone’s boat on struggle against sinking  : unless America confessed its guilt, EU-US trade talks to come soon are suspended. The response is « let it be ». Period. Who is going to be  hurt ? You already know the answer. European leaders are playing a bad hand and a poor card in this Poker.

Second, espionnage goes with intelligence as Intelligence needs espionnage. If european institutions were wiretapped it is not for what they are or were doing, but for what they may be doing wrong regarding the security of the country : the United States. Speaking from Zambia where he is for a sanitary action of a major scale, President Bush stated it straight « Snowden has damaged the security of the country ». The White Knight Snowden is in fact a dark Harry Potter’s dementors.

Last but not least, here are some samples to meditate on.

Could Israel still existing as a Nation without a strong Intelligence ?

About the french scandal of « blood contamination » that led to huge scale Hepatitis contamination and HIV in African countries, including Libya were nurses were held and jailed by Gaddafi upset by this contaminated blood not decontaminated by French according to the safety protocol and sold like it was. It is easy to notice that coincidentally, HIV and hepatitis C contamination in those countries that received the « killing blood » escalated at that time. A strong intelligence would and could have prevented this. Intelligence can save lifes. Of course, it amounts for illicit competition, commercial, technically and diplomatically either the G8 or 20 and the United Nations have got to fix and put on their next agenda. Those things are not new on the heavens.

Who is going to sort this criminal bloody scheme out of Africa ? And How ?

It comes down to this : one thing is to ask for a fairer competition ; another is to mix this with criminal intentions insisting on war vocabulary such as « enemy conduct or behavior ». Between the EU and America ? Who is going to buy this ? Desperation should not lead to despair. Despair should not lead to desperate behavior.

Now, what about Snowden, the sniper ? Either european union would give him asylum in a selected country of  their choice, as a sign of retaliation, either he is handed back to America for Justice and sanctionned by a fair tribunal as such : life emprisonment for the huge damage he has inflicted to America.

Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, India, please don’t give a hand to this criminal action. Just stay away from this mess. Let the EU cycle around with this.

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