Protests. Bulgaria and Brazil : more of the same ?

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 From Sofia News ( Bulgaria Enters 2nd Week of Protests, PES Blockade Looms

Mass protest rallies continued in Bulgaria Friday with demands for the resignation of the government of Prime Minister, Plamen Oresharski, elected on the mandate of the Socialist Party.

In case there is no resignation, the demonstrators threaten to blockade of the National Palace of Culture, NDK, in downtown Sofia on Saturday, and have issued already an « Occupy NDK » call for all supporters. They say the rally is non-partisan.

Thousands have signed the organizers’ page on Facebook as the entire leadership of the Party of European Socialists, PES, is going to arrive in Sofia, at a time their Bulgarian leader, Sergey Stanishev, is facing mass discontent from his own country people and BSP party.

Bulgarian citizens have staged mass protest rallies for 7 days in a row, sparked by the outrageous decision of the government and the Parliament to appoint controversial media mogul and lawmaker Delyan Peevski as Chair of the State Agency for National Security (DANS) with Stanishev seen as one of the masterminds behind the plan.

A press release posted on the official site of PES informs that the party Council sitting is scheduled to be held Saturday in Sofia. It will take place in NDK.

Organizers of the protest warn they will be there in large numbers at 10 am Saturday to show PES how much Bulgarians « love » Stanishev.

The sitting is the annual gathering of parties in Europe with socialist, social-democrat, and labor orientation. Many guests and PES activists are going to attend as well.

The gathering of the women branch of PES starts Friday.

The PES Council is going to work on planning the policies of European Socialists and will launch the European left wing’s preparations for the elections for European Parliament in 2014.

In addition to mass protests aiming at toppling the government, the decision to appoint Peevski to lead DANS has caused a rift in the « red » ranks in Bulgaria, with many wanting Stanishev to resign as party leader. It came from a number of BSP MPs, from former President and former BSP leader, Georgi Parvanov, and the Sofia branch of the party.

Local branches of the Socialists in several cities have also joined those asking for Stanishev’s withdrawal.

He, however, survived Thursday evening a confidence vote by the BSP national council.

Demonstrators have lauded the actions of the police which have protected them, rather than resort to excessive or any force.



From Total Collapse. Riots in Brazil: Protester killed, dozens injured as Brazil police face off with a million in 100 cities.


An 18-year-old protester has been killed and dozens injured as massive protests continue in Brazil’s cities. Over a million people have flooded the streets of the country on Thursday.

Mass protests continued throughout Brazil Thursday as hundreds of thousands assembled in the main cities of Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro with no sign of subsiding even as governments reversed course on planned public transit fare hikes.

An 18-year-old protester was killed and dozens injured as massive protests continued across South America’s largest country, with over a million people taking to the streets there on the day.

In addition to the one demonstrator killed, three more were injured in the same incident after they were hit by a car in the town of Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo state. Witnesses say the car tried to break a human chain created by protesters.

Apparently outraged because he was being blocked, the driver accelerated the vehicle and ran over the four. Three people were taken to hospital with fractures, one of them in serious condition. Delefrate Marcos, 18, died at the scene.

Following the protests, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff called for an emergency Cabinet meeting Friday morning. She was also forced to cancel a trip to Japan planned for next week.

Watch the videos here. 

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