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As the campaign to reconsider voting over background checks is hitting the road, Vice President Joe Biden has raised the tone pledging the « fight is far from over ». Mayors against Illegal Guns are planning 100 days on the roads inside the nation to raise awareness. The tone is set. Get involved by signing the petition here below.


Friends,I never expected to introduce Vice President Biden at a White House press conference — just like I never anticipated being shot in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

As a survivor of a mass shooting, I am inspired by the Vice President’s commitment to keep working for a safer country.

On Tuesday, he announced several executive actions the White House is taking to reduce gun violence and made it clear that he and President Obama won’t stop fighting until Congress acts to pass new common-sense gun reform laws.1

Please join me in thanking Vice President Biden by sharing this graphic and calling on your friends and family to support common-sense gun legislation:

Share VP Biden's message with your friends and family

I am a survivor of gun violence. And now I am doing everything I can to make sure fewer people go through what I did — that fewer parents, children, and friends become the victims of tragedies like the one I lived through.

This summer, as the No More Names bus tour travels across the country to share the stories of gun violence victims and demand action from our legislators, Vice President Biden’s words demonstrate commitment and energy behind our fight. He looked me in the eye and said « I look forward to working with you. And finishing this job. »

I know he meant it — and so do I.

Thank you for standing with me and with Joe Biden,

Stephen Barton
Mayors Against Illegal Guns

P.S. — If you’d like to see a full video of the White House press conference, you can watch it here:

1. « Vice President Biden Marks Progress on Executive Actions to Help Reduce Gun Violence, » June 18, 2013.




Watch this video from the No More Names launch and donate today

More than 250 people attended Friday’s launch in Newtown, and more than 30 press outlets covered the event.1

Our goal is to visit 25 states over the next 100 days. We’ll be stopping in each state to read the names of more than 6,000 people who have been murdered with guns since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

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