The Real Motives of French Intervention In Mali. Africa boot your corrupt leaders out of Power And Unite.

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It didn’t take too long until the real face of France in Mali is pushed forward abruptly. France went to Mali on the 11th January earlier this year. Nearly 6 months later, June the 8th, El Watan is publishing an interview of its journal with the Malian  former Minister of Culture, Mr. Cheick Omar Sissoko asking him to shape the geostrategic panorama of Africa, right now, starting with the state of  Culture and Filmmaking inside the continent, as the interview was wrapped in Ouagadougou, during the 23th Fespaco annual edition that staged from the 23th february to the 2th March. That was 3 months ago. At the time, France has just entered Mali and, Cheick Omar warned about the situation to come.

Yet, president Hollande was swearing « France is not there to stay ; the intervention will be short and quick ; the mission is to boot Jihadists violence out of the country and to handle a secure Mali to its Authorities in its entire territorial sovereign borders ». Malian women and men cried in joy when receiving president Hollande in his first trip in an African country, within his 30 years of parliamentarism carrier in France. I remember that day : the sun was shining up in the sky ; Bamako’s soil was contrastely red and Malian hands looking like burnt by the terrible heat over there. So the sharp contrast in colors were striking with the darkness of skins, the yellow of the sun, the red of the soil and the white man Hollande, superman I may say, the Savior Mali was awaiting was applauded and praised for his generosity and help. Zorro in person.

People was chanting, feasting, laughing, dancing, praying Allah for His Greatness. Indeed, you could see the Faith flowing under the tears of overwhelmed people by emotion ; others being like hypnotised. Eternal naivitiviy of those Big Africans Children, this is how White Men were defining Africans men during colonisation. Caught himself in plain euphoria, probably submerged by the warming welcoming ceremony, Hollande declared under the sunshine of Mali « this was the best day of my political life ». Indeed.

Starting from now, this will be Hollande’s worst nightmare, if he decided to stay in Mali to start anew the old fashioned relationship between France and Africa based on pillaging, Big thefts, land stolen for military bases or anything else hidden to the Africans inside their countries.

How France is planing a high scale of pillaging in Mali under the pretense of fighting Jihadists. Back to colonialism ? Never again.  People of the World, please, tell France :   Never again. Get out of Mali.



 Here is the core of the interview of Mr. Cheick.

Question of El Watan. What is your interpretation of the actual events in Mali ? 

Mr. Cheick Omar Sissoko. A big plot is underway not only concerning Mali but about Africa as a whole. It is not a recolonisation, because times have changed. It is about the returning to power of Western countries to take the entire human ressources, energetical and fishing… In short, everything ! As the weakest link today, Mali is a testing ground.  This is being run wonderfully.  The NMLA (National Mouvement for the Liberation of the Azawad) was created and supported by Westerners through their diplomacy, press and their financial assistance.  Other countries such as Burkina Faso and Mauritania also gave support to the Azawad allowing them places to express themselves.

This is a plot targeting the Malian territory and its wealth. They are trying to duplicate what they did in Sundan, dividing Mali into two parts ant take one part of it to establish an Emirate or a Republik. In the present case,  they are  looking for autonomy in the region of Kidal and Tessalit. Around the region of Kidal, there are oil, gaz, uranium, diamonds. There is  also immense ressources of water in the subsoil. Tomorrow’s war will be over clean water and arables lands. More importantly, western powers are willing to set a military base at Tessalit.

Question. How is it possible ?

Cheick. The military base of Tissalit exists since the colonialist period.  Modibo Keita (President of Mali from 1960 to 1968) didn’t want to let it into French hands. Hence its declaration, the 20th January 1961 (at the time, Modibo Keita asked France to evacuate military bases of Bamako, Kati, Gao and Tessalit). Tessalit is an important  geostrategic place to control North Africa, the Mediterranneen, Southern Europe, Red Sea, East Africa, Middle-East and Central Africa with countries like DRC and Angola holding big ressources. Tessalit is also the door of Algeria. Algeria is not well seen by France and western powers, because of the skills that the people of Algeria have developed in using the wealth of their country.  It may not be a risk taken to say that Algeria could be the next target of the West and France. They are together when it comes to look for markets and raw material.

Besides the economic crisis western countries are facing, they are confronting the new comers in the ground such as India, South Korea, China, Brazil, South Africa  with their own industrial politics and products to place on the markets. Those countries are also in need of raw material to develop their industries. That makes too much people in the african space. Africa holds 2/3 of the wealth of the World.

-What is the situation of Tessalit right now ? 

Cheick. Tessalit base is used today for the landing of planes. The site can accommodate any large military aircraft. Not surprising Malians are persona non grata there so that they can work over the autonomy of the territory behind the scenes. After the autonomy, the region would be given all the means to develop military and economically. Then the question of independance of the Northern of Mali would follow. It’s as bright as the sunshine. At the very beginning, when French landed, we were targeted with insults. Today, people are getting a better knowledge of the reality. French went alone at Kidal and at Tessalit  telling the army of Mali to carry operations at Timbiktu and at Gao. Now, we want the army to be everywhere : at Kidal, and Tessalit in the North of the country.

Out of question to talk or accept the autonomy or the partition of the territory.

On January the 24th, 2013, the NMLA and the Jihadists committed a massacre killing 120 Malian soldiers in Aguelhok (North of Kidal). Three days later, French Foreign Minister declared the NMLA were realising important success in the field. Not a single word concerning Aguelhok. Like in Sudan, the international community wishing to send UN soldiers will say the next day that problems between communities exist and communities bear legitimate claims. Thereafter, they will be talking about the necessity to secure the right of minorities. Yet, the NMLA is decried by the entire community of Touareg and hardly represents 1% of the communities living in the North of Mali.

– What is the role of the Malian army in everything that is happening in the country?

Cheick. Malians are living in fear. They have been told that the national army was worthless. For more than ten months, everything went on so that the Malian army does not have a penny, a gun or a bullet, its equipment were stranded at the port of Dakar and Conakry since May 2012. It is the work of the Malian government, ECOWAS and France. Bamako didn’t react. Why do you block arming an army that needs to secure the country, if not to weaken it, to maintain that state, so that one day, Zorro would come to deliver the country ! We have six Mig with minimal faults that have never been repaired. On television, we saw Malian military without a helmet and without ballistic protection. Soldiers equipped with « klachs » of another age! In Kona, the military did not eat for four days while conducting an operation, fought with bare hands against the Jihadists. The French army was in the air. The government are the same people who have been there for twenty years and that led us to the situation we are in today. ECOWAS has done everything to stay in power. We will soon elect a man who will accept the transfer of Tessalit as a military base and, by extension, the cession of all energy resources.

– Are you optimistic for Mali ?

Cheick. In the short term, I’m not. We are preparing the elections in the rush to install a man who will be a puppet. It concerns me greatly. We did not take real steps to ensure that the army is ready. The old Malian fighters said they were willing to train the Malian army. We preferred to use European trainers to do the job. With what spirit? ECOWAS has not landed 3,000 men in Mali as they had claimed. It did nothing when dialogue was initiated. And ECOWAS has further complicated things. All this was also part of the plot of pushing the stalemate in Mali. Everything  has been done for the national dialogue that we had requested not to take place. Back in the saddle, the people of the old regime opposed the national dialogue that could have provided a clear vision, a roadmap with specific missions. We could name others, formed and strengthened the army. Some did not want that. Most ECOWAS countries are financially and militarily in the lap of France and the European Union. They lack the means of serious armies, except for Nigeria ?

Cheick Oumar Sissoko is a leading member of a political parti in Mali that pledges for a « third Voice ». His parti, African Solidarity for Democracy and Independance militates for an « equitable repartition » of the wealth of the country and for establishing a « strong democratic State ».  More about Cheick in El Watan.




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