Gun background check’s extension. Where is Senator Mitch McConnell to applaude the Californian Mad Guy ?

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From CNN. Quote. The man police say went on a shooting rampage Friday in California had suffered mental health issues, a law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN.

 A couple of years ago, he was hospitalized for treatment after allegedly talking about harming someone, according to the official.

The gunman’s rampage began at a home in Santa Monica, leaving two dead inside. He carjacked a woman and fired at a public bus.

It all ended when police shot him dead at Santa Monica College as students studied for finals, a mile from the house.

Where are those GOP who have opposed the law overstretching the debate to the second amendment safeguarding individuals liberties ? The point was and still is to which extent ? To the admission of giving death  ? Worst, on a shooting rampage ? How can those senators give a blank check to potential killers ?

This is where we stand. Legislative’s inconsequence is responsible for those deaths. Senator Mitch McConnell, at the Head of the SENATORIAL gun’s background checks Opposition should be taken accountable, as he sent the wrong message over the issue : in a sense, he encouraged this instead of strongly and firmly discouraging those criminal’s act of folly.

Some wrong messages may prove even more dreadful.

Who is going to replace senator Mc Connell in Kentucky next Year ? It is not a witch hunt, but a sanction for legislators playing politics first and all the time.

People of Kentucky, send the right person in the senate in replacement to senator McConnell. « Close the terror gap » in 2014’s electoral session.

Mind also the fact that students’ loans may be doubling this first July. Another gun over your temples.

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