Obama polls rating unchanged at 53%. CNN poll.

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A new CNN/ORC International poll indicates that President Barack Obama’s approval rating, now at 53%, has remained essentially unchanged even after the events of last week.

But most Americans take very seriously all three concerns that dominated the news — Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and the subpoena of Associated Press phone records — and most say that Republicans in Congress have not overreacted so far.

A majority of respondents say that they are dissatisfied with the way the Obama administration has handled Benghazi, and a majority finds the actions by the IRS and the Justice Department to be unacceptable.

But a majority also appears to believe the White House message on those topics.

Six in 10 say that Obama’s public comments about the IRS have been completely true or mostly true and 55% say that the IRS employees who targeted conservative groups were acting on their own, not under orders from the White House.

Only 44% believe that the administration’s controversial talking points on Benghazi were an attempt to intentionally mislead the public.

In France, president Hollande is scoring poorly : 27 %. The president said in his last press conference that his historical low polls refer to the poor situation of unemployment. Having already promised an inversion of the situation by the end of the year, this was a preemptive way to dismiss the further polls, should they resemble those all along his first year as president.

What is at stake, behind those chronical flat polls is a great concern about lies in politics people are fed up with. As the champion of hypocrisy, France has been flying over a cloud of lies. Permanently. When you hear the word merit in France, in fact they are talking about selectivity.  When in France you hear solidarity, it is the password for elitism. When you hear social security, it refers to hidden political priviledges and fiscal compensations for the upper class and French elites. When you hear immigration, think about French going unilateraly to Mali. In those period of crisis, the situation is no longer bearable as it used to be. Not only the president went on lying to be elected, now that he is in power, he seems to be less caring for the people’s will than even Sarkozy french people rejected precisely because of his indifference to the people.

This is it : president Obama talks about « We the people » whereas Hollande is stuck in his sumptuous Palais de l’Eysée. Which explains the solidity of Obama’s rating by the people and the Opposite for the French president. Indeed, France is at a crossroads. President Hollande’s failure so far mirrors GOP’s sectarianism and its lack of sense of openness in politics. The president (Hollande) doesn’t display any sense of compromising ; he conceives governance as a closed frame of more of the same socialists recruited inside the party. The party is everything, decides for all and should not report to the people.

As for now, people are asking for a reshuffle. President Hollande told them No, no, no way. It reminds me about the gap between Republicans and their people over gun’s background checks extension.  90% of the people favoring an idea and Republicans saying no, no and no.

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